With every step you take with us, there's a reward. Our rewards programme lets your organisation make tangible, impactful contributions to selected B1G1 projects. You can easily track and showcase your progress with our Rewards points found in your client area.

The Includability Rewards Programme is designed to commend and celebrate the strides your organisation makes towards creating a more inclusive workplace. Here's a breakdown of how the rewards system operates:

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Starting Your Journey

Account Creation:
Simply by creating your account within Includability, you're awarded 500 ICE points.

Commitment Survey:
Upon completing the Company Commitment Survey and achieving the Includability Pending Status, your organisation earns 1,000 ICE points.

Verification Milestones

Verification Stars:
Each star attained during the Verification Process is worth 250 ICE points.

Committed Employer Status:
Achieve full Verification and become an Includability Committed Employer to receive a significant boost of 3,000 ICE points.

Engagement Rewards

Support Group Participation:
Attending an Includability Employer Support Group? That’s 500 ICE points.

Referral Bonus:
Bring a friend or colleague along, and both of you earn 500 ICE points.

Guest Speaking:

Presenting as a Guest Speaker at an Employer Support Group will add a notable 1,500 ICE points to your tally.

Ambassador Role:
Embrace the role of an Includability Ambassador to earn a generous 2,500 ICE points.

Event Attendance:

Gain 750 ICE points by attending a Think Inclusive/Unleashed Roadshow Event.

Referral Incentives

Refer another organisation that achieves Includability Committed Employer Status and both parties gain an impressive 3,000 ICE points.

Loyalty Points

Monthly Accrual:
For every month as an Includability Committed Employer, 250 ICE points are added to your account.

Impactful Rewards

B1G1 Projects:
For every 500 ICE points earned, you’ll have the opportunity to support one of three impactful B1G1 projects.

Milestone Celebrations:
As your ICE points grow, we celebrate each 5,000-point milestone with increasingly impactful rewards, such as providing meals for the homeless, school shoes for children at risk, Buddy Bags for children in crisis, irrigation systems for Kenyan villages, and Bio-Sand Water Filters for clean drinking water.

Each point earned is a step towards not just transforming your workplace, but also making a tangible impact on global communities through B1G1's life-changing projects. Welcome to a rewards program where earning points enriches lives, including your own.

Need more info? Let dave Explain

Still not sure how it works here is Dave to explain further the benefits and impact your company can make through simply being a part of Includability.