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What is ENGAGE & how does it work?

You want access to courses, webinars, and training solutions with experts in: Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Impact, Mental Health, Wellbeing, and becoming a B Corp?
You need to reduce the cost and time required to search and book experts
Your HR team or D&I
lead needs help to find the right courses or training, from the right people, in the right areas
ENGAGE enables companies to get unparalleled access
to training solutions,
webinars and courses from Trusted Partners Experts

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Your Single Source for Expert Training, Workshops & Courses

What are the benefits of ENGAGE?

Ensuring the quality of training

Our Partner Experts are carefully vetted and selected for their expertise and experience. We only work with the best, so you can be confident that your employees are receiving the highest quality training possible.

Reducing the time required to search and book expert advice and workshops

ENGAGE takes the hassle out of finding and booking training for your employees. We have a wide range of courses and webinars to choose from, and we can help you find the right training for your specific needs.

Helping HR teams struggling to understand ever changing areas

Our Partner Experts stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in their respective fields. We can help HR teams and D&I leads understand the key areas they need to focus on, and we can provide them with the resources and training they need to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

What are the benefits of ENGAGE?

Improving employee retention through expert and relevant training

Employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to stay with their company. Investing in employee training is a great way to show your employees that you care about their development and that you are committed to creating a positive work environment.

Improving company brand through the improvement of culture and understanding of key areas

A company's culture is its brand. By investing in training that helps your employees understand and appreciate diversity and inclusion, sustainability, impact, mental health, and wellbeing, you can create a more positive and productive work environment. This will also have a positive impact on your company's reputation and brand.

Reduce the costs for HR and training budgets

ENGAGE offers competitive discounts for booking blocks of training, which can help you reduce pressure on your training budget. We also work with companies of all sizes, so we can find a training solution that fits your budget.

What are the benefits of ENGAGE?

Support through Project Management and Advisory Services

ENGAGE can help you with all aspects of your project, from planning and organisation to delivery. We can also provide you with expert advice on a wide range of topics from inclusion to sustainability.

Cultural Transformation Through Learning & Development

You can achieve cultural transformation through learning and development by empowering employees to grow and develop their skills, creating a more engaged and productive workforce, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, and driving organisational success.

Build an Inclusive and Sustainable Business

ENGAGE offers help to your business to develop and implement programmes to achieve its goals, providing guidance on vision, strategy, and transformation.

Change Management Support for Success

We will support your business to develop and implement change management plans, communicate change effectively to employees, manage resistance to change, support employees through the change process, and evaluate the success of change

How does it work?

We talk to your key people and ENGAGE with them to understand their needs and areas of development: To understand your specific needs and goals we will work with you to develop a training program that is tailored to your company's culture, needs and budget.

We use our experience and network to match you with the right Partner Experts.

We organise and book your courses, events or webinars.

Our advisors project manage and support you through the process providing regularly scheduled catchup and support calls.

We track the engagement and value of the training program that has been delivered supporting you to help gather feedback and data.

Delivering Expert Training

Our Partner Experts have extensive experience in the field of employee training and development. They have worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to large enterprises.

Over 50 Partner Experts covering a diverse and extensive range of topics.

Expertise in delivering solutions across SME to Enterprise organisations

Wide range of courses and support available for your employees

Inspiring and committed to creating inclusive cultures

After event support and followup available

Sara Matthews

FCIPD, CMgr MCMI, Director at ODISEE


Saski is a well established LGBTQ+ Inclusion consultant, Official PRIDE Host, Interviewer, Radio presenter, Panel Moderator, professional singer and out and proud Queer Parent.

Emma Palmer

Impactful Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leader | Trustee | One half of the You & Us Podcast | Intersectional lens

Hannah Keartland

Scale up your impact | Founder of Keartland & Co - helping business leaders have a meaningful impact through their business | Board Advisor | TEDx speaker

Amy Polly

Mindfulness Rebel. Mental Health Speaker & Campaigner. Support for Founders. Workplace well-being. Author. Recovering Accountant.

Michael Lloyd

Founder - Workplace Mental Health Charter - Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Laura Slack

B Corp Consultant

Alice Troiano

Prosperah Co-Founder | Unleash your purpose through the SDGs

Chris Allan

Director of Your D+I | Qualified Diversity and Inclusion practitioner | Co Founder of Think Inclusive. The future of inclusion

Eye Med

Medical, Eye Care

EyeMed helps offer vision care solutions to your employees that go beyond legislative compliance. So, when you think about your employees, a high percentage of them are in need of vision correction, whether for themselves or for a family member.

Mental Health Charter

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health Charter (MHC)'s purpose is to provide a flexible and consistent charter to enable all businesses in the UK to access mental health support, provide awareness and training and put in place a structure and systems to support people in the workplace.


Diversity & Inclusion

Opportunities for Diversity & Inclusion in Sport, Entertainment & Education. Smart & practical HR advice.

Outliers Wellbeing

Wellbeing, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Outliers Wellbeing support businesses with their wellbeing provision. We firmly believe that you can’t have wellbeing without culture, and vice-versa, that’s why our provision is truly holistic.


Environment & Sustainability

Prosperah guides you through a journey to map your purpose to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through enhanced stakeholder consultation, we’ll set key priority SDGs and targets to create your Purpose Book.

Talent Mapper

Talent Management

We unleash your people’s potential and unlock the talent that will make your business goals possible.

The Creative Wellbeing Company

Mental Health & Wellbeing

At The Mindful Craft Company, we know the amazing benefits that creativity can have on our mental health. 

The HR Agency

Human Resources

The HR Agency works with employers of all sizes to deliver world-class products and services while delivering a more sustainable future for our planet.

Your D+I

D&I Consultancy

Diversity and inclusion is a massively important topic and getting it right will have a profound impact on your business – financially, culturally and socially. We’re here to help, whether it’s through engaging training, a D+I audit to understand the makeup of your business or bespoke consultancy to solve key challenges.

Speak to our advisors to ENGAGE the power of Partner Experts

Your Single Source for Expert Training, Workshops & Courses