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Includability FAQs

Our frequently asked questions are here to help answer any queries you may have about joining the Includability community

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What is an Includability Committed Employer?

An Includability Committed Employer is the sign of a company committed to treating people fairly and is willing to be part of a wider community to share best practice, to empower your employees and to work together for the greater good of society. Accountability is key, companies that complete our verification process become more attractive to a wider pool of job seekers.

My company isn’t perfect, do we need every strategy already in place?

No company is perfect and every company is at a different stage of their ‘journey’ – We are not expecting perfection, we want companies that are committed to treating people equitably, that have good intentions to implement new processes and initiatives, and that are willing to engage and collaborate with others.

If you are unsure where to start, just ask, we are here to support you every step of the way.

How long does the Verification Process take?

In reality, this very much depends on either your availability or that of your colleagues who need to speak to our Verification Partners. We will do all we can to support you through the process and do whatever we can to help you achieve Includability Committed Employer status as quickly as possible. We're always here for you!

Is there a chance you will not be awarded Includability Committed Employer status?

In short, yes. But this will only be for two reasons:

  • You don’t want to dedicate time to complete the Verification Process. Anything worth having, is worth investing the time into, right? That’s what we think!
  • If our Verification Partners decide not to award you one the stars, then it may just take a bit longer. But fear not, there will always be a solution and we will work with you to achieve Includability Committed Employer status.

We completely understand that it is a journey and every company is at different stages of that journey, which is why it is super important that you are honest with us. If you are unsure, just get in touch and we would love to have a conversation with you. This isn't scary, it's exciting :-)

You keep mentioning ‘Community’ - what does this mean?

Glad you asked! Our Community is what makes Includability so different. Consisting of Companies, Charities, Membership Bodies, Ambassadors, Employees and Job Seekers, we all get together on a monthly basis to get to know each other, build relationships, share best practice and help each other overcome any obstacles.

Together we will host Webinars, Workshops, Q&A’s, Roundtable events, Insight Groups, Awareness Hubs, Inspirational Huddles and Support Groups.

What we love most is the fact that everyone shares the same values. There isn’t any room for competitiveness whatsoever, we are all in this together, for the same reasons, with the same end goal – to create a society that is free from discrimination, that cares for our planet and has genuine focus on our colleagues, friends and employees Mental Health and Wellbeing. That is what Community means to us and we would love for you to be a part of it.

If Includability partner's with a consultancy, do you receive a 'financial kick back'?

Absolutely not and this will always remain the same.

All of our Partners are people we know and trust, and should you decide to work with any of them then that is reward enough for us.

That alone shows us that the platform is working and we are just happy that the people and companies we have brought together are collaborating.

It doesn’t mean we don’t want to shout about the great partnerships that are happening though, so do tell us!

What else sets you apart?

Pleased you asked because this bit is really important to us :-)

  • We are fully committed to becoming a certified B Corporation
  • We are 1% For The Planet Members
  • We are committed to supporting good causes, community projects and charities on a regular basis
  • We plant trees for every person that attends our Webinars, Hubs, Support Groups, Huddles and more!
  • We have partnered with B1G1 to support amazing projects across the globe that are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We are Accredited Living Wage Employers
  • We are a ‘work from anywhere’ business
  • We pledge to become a Carbon Neutral business.

How do I know this is right for my company?

Great question! Essentially if you are a business, regardless of size, committed to improving, creating and developing an inclusive workplace culture, then Includability is absolutely for you. You will be given the opportunity to collaborate, engage and share best practice with like minded individuals and organisations.

We’re an international organisation. Are we able to become an Includability Committed Employer?

If you have offices based in the UK then you absolutely can! Great examples of international companies that have recently become Includability Committed Employers include Viacom CBS and Bristol Global Mobility.

What does Includability do?

Includability is a platform that provides a certification standard and community for inclusive and committed employers. We help businesses become better through B Corp principles, ethical practices, and by starting them on their journey to inclusivity.

How does Includability support SMEs and Enterprise Businesses?

We offer tailored support through consultancy, workshops, and an exclusive client area that provides resources, rewards, and a network of partner experts to SMEs from 1 to 100000 employees looking to foster inclusivity and sustainable practices.

What are ESG’s - Employer Support Groups?

These are our monthly get togethers where we welcome three incredible guest speakers to share their knowledge and experiences with you. It’s a truly safe space for everyone to build their understanding across a variety of topics as well as network with incredible like minded people. And we plant a tree for every attendee so you are totally doing your bit for the planet too.

How often are ESG's held?

Currently we run the ESGs every month (traditionally the last Wednesday form 10.30am to 11.45am) so you can book them in your diary with ease.

Do you do live events or are they prerecorded?

These are always live so you can enjoy the benefit of asking questions and networking.

How can I get involved in an ESG?

We would absolutely love you to be involved. Why not register for our next ESG through our events page (insert link) and come along to see what it’s all about – simply bring yourself (and a friend if you’d like to!) plus of course a beverage of your choice. get in touch

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Employer Support Group

I would like to present at an ESG is this possible?

Absolutely it is!! Many of our guest speakers became so just by coming along to an ESG to meet like minded people. If you have a story to tell and feel that it could support people then we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Please do pop us an email to and let’s have a virtual cuppa together.

Can I watch the event after it has happened?

At the moment that’s sadly not possible but we are looking to record the individual guest speakers very soon to enable you to enjoy should you be unable to attend on the day.

How long are the ESG’s

Traditionally they run at 1 hour and 15 minutes and we aim to always finish promptly – we certainly squeeze a lot of fantastic stuff in during that time for you.

Can I just lurk in the background or do I have to network?

We would always encourage you to introduce yourselves and forge new relationships but you must do what feels most comfortable for you – we’re just delighted to have you on the call. You are invited to join the breakout rooms after each guest speaker rather than being automatically moved to one to give you all the freedom you need. If you’d prefer not to join, you can simply turn your camera off, make a cuppa, and join us again when you are ready to.

What is a breakout room?

This is where we invite you to join 4 or 5 other attendees in a virtual chat room after one of our guest speakers has finished – we have two breakout rooms during an ESG, each typically lasting no more than 15 minutes. Traditionally the guest speaker will pose a question around the topic just presented for everyone to take into their breakout rooms – it’s a lovely way to get the conversation going after everyone has had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

What networking opportunities does Includability provide?

Includability hosts Monthly Employer Support Groups, Think Inclusive/Unleashed Roadshow Events, and other gatherings that offer excellent networking opportunities with other committed employers and experts in various fields.

What services does Includability offer?

Includability offers a range of services around EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion), Talent Management, Sustainability, Impact, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Leadership and Governance and being a better business through B Corp. These include workshops, rewards schemes, verification processes and reporting, support groups, and access to a learning management system with diverse training options.

What are Think Inclusive Roadshows?

Think Inclusive Roadshows are an in-person event that are focused on Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing. Each Roadshow will have 3 or 4 Guest Speakers talking about a specific topic, followed by a Q&A session.

How long are Think Inclusive Roadshows?

Generally, every Think Inclusive Roadshow will last between 2 hours – 2 hour 30 minues

What areas of expertise do Think Inclusive Roadshows cover?

All things Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Are Think Inclusive Roadshows paid events?

Currently these events are free to attend

How can I get involved in a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

Quite simply, get in touch and let us know that you would love to be a guest speaker, host an event or just get involved!

How can I attend a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

We have a range of events going on all over the country. Simply click the event link and register!

Can I sponsor a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

Absolutely! Please just get in touch and let’s have a chat.

How do I find a Think Inclusive Roadshow near me?

We are adding new venues regularly so just keep checking out our events page and please do feel free to suggest a location! Just use the get in touch form.

Do I have to be an Includability Member to attend a Think Inclusive Event?

Absolute not. These events are for anyone, not just the Includability Community.

However if you would like to learn more about the benefits of being part of the Includability Community we would love to show you here.

Do I have to register to attend a Think Inclusive Roadshow Event?

Yes! Please register using the Eventbrite link.

Can Includability help with our company's EDI strategy?

Can Includability help with our company's EDI strategy? Absolutely. Includability provides workshops and consultancy services to help companies create and implement effective EDI, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Impact, Leadership and Governance and B Corp strategies and action plans.

Will Think Inclusive Roadshow events be recorded or is there a webinar version?

We are working on it! In the future there will be the option to tune in to our YouTube channel and watch the events live from the comfort of your own home!

I’m a member of the press. I would like to report on an event?

Let’s have a chat! Get in touch with us and we are very happy to talk about the possibility of you reporting on our events

Are there any refreshments at Live Events?

Yes. We will always provide tea, coffees, water etc. There will also be a variety of breakfast nibbles at each event

At Live Events will there accessibility for disabled persons?

We ensure that every venue we choose is accessible

What are the benefits of joining Includability?

Benefits include access to authoritative expertise, discovery of where you sit in your journey, a dedicated report highlighting opportunities for growth, discounts on training and workshops, engagement with a community of like-minded businesses, and participation in a Rewards program that supports global charitable projects.

How does the rewards program work?

Companies earn ICE points for various activities and milestones achieved within the Includability program. These points can then be redeemed to support a selection of charitable projects through B1G1.

What is the verification process with Includability?

The verification process involves a series of steps where a company is evaluated and guided towards meeting the standards of being an Includability Committed Employer.

What recognition does a company receive upon completing verification?

Upon completion, a company is recognised as an Includability Committed Employer and gains access to exclusive content, brand assets, and further rewards.

What type of training does Includability offer?

Includability offers a wide range of training solutions from D&I to sustainability, delivered through our Learning Management System by leading experts.

Are the training and workshops suitable for all levels of employees?

Yes, the training and workshops are designed to cater to various levels within an organisation, from junior staff to senior management.

How does a company start the process with Includability?

The process begins by creating an account on the Includability platform, completing the Company Commitment Survey, and proceeding through the verification process.

Is there support available if we have questions during the process?

Absolutely Yes, Includability provides dedicated support throughout your journey. Our team is available to assist with any queries or guidance needed.

Is there a cost associated with Includability’s services?

Some services are free, such as certain workshops and support groups, while others, like specialised consultancy services, may come at a cost. However, discounts are available for verified members. The process of becoming a Includability Committed Employer and working through the verification process costs £1495 per year (£2995 from Jan 2024)

What is the commitment level required from our company?

The commitment level can vary based on your company's needs and objectives. Includability is flexible and can tailor the engagement level to suit your business's journey towards inclusivity however we do expect a certain level of commitment in completing the Customer Commitment Survey and in going through the Verification Process. Once this is done our Customer Success Managers will touch base with you every Quarter to ensure you get the most out of Includability.

By joining Includability, you're not just committing to an internal culture shift but also contributing to a global movement for a more inclusive and sustainable business world.

How can our company benefit from Includability's community?

Being part of Includability’s community opens doors to collaborative opportunities, peer learning, sharing best practices, and forming strategic alliances with other forward-thinking organisations.

How can our employees get involved with Includability?

Employees can participate in Employer Support Groups, workshops, join support groups, become ambassadors, and engage with the content and training available through Includability's platforms.

What does it mean to be an Includability Ambassador?

As an Includability Ambassador, an individual or company champions the principles of inclusivity and sustainability within their network, sharing best practices and helping to drive the Includability mission forward.

What is an Includability Partner Expert?

Partner Experts are proven trailblazing Includability Ambassadors that supply the very highest levels of training and support. They have also shown their commitment to excellence through their support of Includability, its Committed Employers & the community as a whole.

How does Includability measure impact?

Impact is measured through the ICE points system and the real-world contributions made to B1G1 projects. Companies can track their social and environmental impact through this tangible rewards system.

Can our company's social responsibility initiatives be aligned with Includability's reward program?

Yes, Includability's rewards program and consultancy services are designed to complement and enhance your company's existing social responsibility initiatives.

What new features can we expect from Includability?

Includability is continuously innovating, with plans to launch an Unlimited Access Learning Management System and constantly updating our offering with new content, events, and partnership opportunities.

How does Includability stay ahead with the latest trends in sustainability, inclusivity and the other pillars of inclusion?

Includability stays ahead by collaborating with top experts, engaging with the latest research, and actively participating in global discussions on and around the pillars we have based our verification process upon.

What kind of technical support does Includability offer?

Includability offers comprehensive technical support for its online platforms, including troubleshooting, user guidance, and optimisation of user experience.

Where can we find Includability's brand assets and resources?

Verified members have exclusive access to Includability brand assets, badges, logos, and social media cards through the client area on our website.

What is the verification process like with Includability?

The verification process includes a Company Commitment Survey, achieving Pending Status, and working towards full Committed Employer Status through completing Verification Stars. Partner videos are available to guide you through this process along with our Client Success Managers.

How is the Verification Report useful to our company?

The Verification Report provides insights into your company’s current practices, highlights areas for improvement, and offers benchmarks for progress across all areas of the verification process. We can then help your organisation identify the key growth areas and provide consultancy solutions through our ENGAGE programme

How does the ICE points system work?

ICE points are accrued through engagement with Includability's services and milestones achieved. These points can then be redeemed for support in B1G1 projects or for reaching new levels of recognition within the community.

What kind of rewards can we expect from the Rewards Programme?

Rewards range from social impact projects, such as providing meals or school shoes, to infrastructural support like sponsoring an irrigation system or water filters, aligning corporate social responsibility with tangible outcomes.

What type of training does Includability offer?

Includability offers a spectrum of training solutions, ranging from diversity and inclusion to sustainability and B Corp introductions, delivered through an upcoming Learning Management System and live workshops by expert partners.

How accessible is the training provided by Includability?

Training is designed to be highly accessible, offered as both free and paid options, ensuring companies of all sizes can benefit from Includability’s extensive knowledge and expertise.

How does ENGAGE Consultancy enhance our business strategies?

ENGAGE Consultancy provides expert advice and practical solutions tailored to help SMEs improve in areas of EDI, sustainability, and ethical business practices, fostering growth and resilience.

What discounts does Includability offer on consultancy and training?

Committed Employers enjoy significant discounts on a range of consultancy services, webinars, and workshops, ensuring cost-effective access to high-quality expertise.

How will we be informed about the latest news and updates from Includability?

Includability keeps its members informed through regular updates on its platform, newsletters, social media announcements, and exclusive access to the client area.

Can we contribute to Includability's content and events?

Absolutely Yes, as part of the Includability community, there are always opportunities to contribute content, speak at events, and share insights with peers across the network. We value the power of story telling and are there to help you share your successes and celebrate your wins.

What makes Includability unique compared to other employer support platforms?

Includability’s focus on actionable impact, comprehensive support, and a robust network community makes it a unique platform that doesn’t just talk about change but actively facilitates it.

How does Includability ensure a satisfying user experience for its clients?

Includability is committed to user satisfaction through continuous improvement of its platforms, listening to feedback, and providing a personalised approach to each member’s journey. Our Partner Experts, Ambassadors, Committed Employers and Partner Companies are all working towards the goal of supporting a Purpose, its People, the Planet whilst creating partnerships and delivering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

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