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Meet our verification partners

As part of the Includability 5 Star Verification Process for Employers and our 6 Star Verification Process for Recruitment Agencies, each company looking to join our community will have the opportunity to engage with our charming Verification Partners.

Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity and inclusion consultancy, offering support and collaboration throughout the UK.


Prosperah Logo


Unleash your purpose with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Talent Management

Talent Mapper

Talent Management & Inclusion specialists, focused on increasing knowledge, improving efficiency and enhancing individual and organisational performance, by unleashing people's potential.

Mental Health

Mental Health Charter

Mental Health Charter

Mental health comes in all shapes and sizes and affects all ages. It’s time to make a difference. We are asking employers to sign the mental health charter to show their support and encourage awareness to their employees.


Outliers Wellbeing

Outliers Wellbeing

Wellbeing for people, business & planet

Leadership & Governance

The HR Agency Logo

The HR Agency

Leadership and governance experts. Looking at four pillars –organisational structure; roles & responsibilities; people & culture; and infrastructure

Diversity in Recruitment

Diversity in Recruitment

Diversity in Recruitment

Our vision is to make recruitment processes accessible to EVERYONE and to create an environment where every person is welcome and has the equal opportunity to secure great work.

The Includability Verification Process

What is our verification process?

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Our Includability Verification Process consists of 5 Stars for employers and 6 Stars for recruitment agencies. In order to become an Includability Committed Employer, it is mandatory that every stage of the process is completed.

We do ask for a bit of your time as each Star will begin with a phone call, but we hope you see this as a positive and that you will embrace speaking to experts that will help your company.

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Who are our Includability Verification Partners?

As part of the Includability 5 Star Verification Process for Employers, each company will have the opportunity to engage with our Expert Verification Partners.

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the great things you are already doing and provide expert support where you might need it the most – they’re all super lovely people so will do their very best to work around your busy diaries once you have completed the initial Company Commitment Survey.

We celebrate commitment and intent so please don’t feel you have to be the finished article with us – building knowledge, supporting each other and sharing great practice is at the centre of our Includability Community.

So here they are good people, proudly introducing our Partners and how they will be awarding you those Verification Stars.

The Diversity & Inclusion Star – Verified by ODiSEE

ODiSEE, established in 2021 under the guidance of Director Sara Matthews, is a beacon of innovation in training and consultancy. Sara brings over two decades of rich HR experience from notable names like Chelsea Football Club, Ladbrokes Coral, and Travis Perkins. ODiSEE, with its focus on equality, diversity, and wellbeing, mirrors Sara's passion, evident in her roles ranging from Includability Ambassador to Non-Executive Director at Netball Scotland.

ODiSEE's Diversity & Inclusion Star isn’t just an award; it's a testament to an organisations commitment to a continuous journey towards inclusivity. Recognising that every company is at a different stage in its D&I path, ODiSEE's process is crafted with compassion, encouragement, and partnership at its heart.

Discovery Session: This gentle 30-minute conversation aims to understand your current D&I initiatives. Instead of an assessment, think of it as sharing your D&I story and aspirations with ODiSEE's experts.

Collaborative Reflection: ODiSEE will then provide insights, drawn from a wealth of best practices across various sectors. However, the benchmarks are not rigid criteria but guiding lights to show what's possible.

Guidance & Support: It's not about where you currently stand but where you aim to be. Should your organisation benefit from additional insights or resources, ODiSEE offers a bespoke support journey tailored to your unique needs.

Celebrating Commitment:
The Diversity & Inclusion Star is awarded to organisations that display genuine dedication to the cause, whether they're just starting or are well into their D&I journey. It's less about perfection and more about genuine commitment and progress.

With ODiSEE by your side, it's all about celebrating the journey towards a more inclusive future, cherishing every milestone along the way.

Prosperah Logo

The Sustainability Star – Verified by Prosperah

This Star will be awarded automatically if your organisation is already B Corp Certified, B Corp Pending, Planet Mark Certified or CSR-A Accredited, however the Star will also be presented if an organisation is able to provide good intentions in creating a sustainability strategy – for example, a net-zero focus, staff volunteering days, community and charitable support, or even embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals across your website.

Prosperah enables organisations to unleash their greater purpose for tangible business value, helping them to explore a space where social responsibility and sustainability are reimagined as a competitive advantage.

They guide businesses through a journey to map their purpose to the Sustainable Development Goals and through enhanced stakeholder consultation, they’ll set key priority SDGs and targets to create your Purpose Book.

Mental Health Charter

The Mental Health Star – Verified by Mental Health Charter

Mental Health Charter (MHC)'s purpose is to provide a flexible and consistent charter to enable all businesses in the UK to access mental health support, provide awareness and training and put in place a structure and systems to support people in the workplace.

The team will conduct a short survey over the phone to discuss Mental Health current procedures/practices with free advice offered.

You will then be given a complimentary Bronze Membership (with accompanying logo) to the Mental Health Charter as a Committed To Action Employer - the first step to creating a mentally healthy workplace.

The Talent Management Star – Verified by Talent Mapper

Talent Mapper is a new kind of HR Consultancy that helps organisations be successful by making them more inclusive.

They provide a unique approach to recruitment & retention, learning & development and deployment that uses diversity and inclusion tactics, and a suite of innovative technologies, to create an agile, high-performing workforce.

Talent Mapper support organisations by improving talent management and making them more inclusive - by removing personal bias, they help companies improve productivity, reduce costs and create a positive culture where everyone is happier at work.

This process will involve a 45-minute consultation with the Talent Mapper Team to review current recruitment and retention processes and provide any guidance necessary to support you.

Outliers Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Star – Verified by Outliers Wellbeing

Outliers Wellbeing will have an initial call to chat about what you're doing in the confusing world of wellbeing, how you're doing it and what your plans are. Just an informal chat between two lovely people.

They will then send a link to an Insights Questionnaire that they will ask you to fill out, not to analyse and judge every facet of your business, but just to gain a further understanding of your wellbeing provision.

A follow-up call will then be booked to run through the insights at which point the Wellbeing Star will be awarded if enough evidence has been gathered on your strategy and provision, or will chat-through next steps if further support is needed.

The HR Agency Logo

The Leadership & Governance Star – Verified by The HR Agency

The HR Agency is a HR consultancy, founded in November 2020 to provide clients a full range of HR solutions. Whether that be fully outsourced HR provision for smaller employers, or project-based work for organisations of large and small, they believe in influencing their clients to be do better, not just for their employees, but also their local communities and our environment.

As a purpose-driven organisation themselves, The HR Agency understands that identifying a desire to do business better is only the start to making a positive difference. What turns these good intentions into meaningful and impactful actions, is good governance and great leadership.

Good governance is the pursuit of purpose. It is a journey requiring constant vigilance and adaptation to external and internal changes. As such it requires ethical, competent and responsible leadership to inspire and engage everyone in bringing it to life. It’s essential for any business with purposeful aspirations to ensure great leadership and good governance is in place.

The HR Agency will conduct a 45-minute call to explore your current approach to leadership and governance. Looking at four pillars – organisational structure; roles & responsibilities; people & culture; and infrastructure – the team will follow-up the call with recommendations on how to further improve your leadership and governance framework ensuring your purpose is translated into action.

Diversity in Recruitment

The Diversity In Recruitment Star – Verified by Diversity in Recruitment *

Recruitment agencies only

During an initial discovery call, their aim is to fully understand your motivations and commitment to making your recruitment services fully accessible and inclusive.

They will also explore the work that you have planned or have completed so far on your Diversity & Inclusion journey, and the immediate and long-term goals and objectives for your D&I activity.

This insight will also help the team understand the support and guidance that you may need, so that they can support your recruitment business as it works to remove the barriers underrepresented and minoritised candidates face when looking for work.

What happens once we have completed the verification process?

Includability Committed Recruitment Agency Logo

Once you have completed the verification process you will be awarded a shiny new Includability Committed Employer or Includability Committed Recruitment Agency badge to proudly display across both your website and social media channels

We are here to support you every step of the way

Our purpose is your progression

Includability –Introducing you to the three P’s that guide us

pur·pose [ˈpəːpəs]NOUN - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists 

pro·gres·sion[prəˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n]NOUN - the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state

posi·tiv·ity[pɒzɪˈtɪvɪti]NOUN - the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude:

We believe that the best way to help our members is through education and collaboration. That's why our principles are to help businesses work towards the goal of an inclusive workplace and workforce whilst breaking down barriers to diversity and encouraging individualism. To find out more about our values click on the link below.

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