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Switch the Play Foundation - Fulfilling potential through and beyond sport

The Switch the Play Foundation is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting all sportspeople to successfully transition into life outside of sport. This enables them to fulfil their potential through and beyond sport.

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Includability - Proud Supporters of Switch the Play Foundation

Leaving a life in sport can be really tough. Not all sportspeople win gold medals, international caps nor million-pound contracts and when their sporting careers come to an end most will need to start a second career. The evidence shows that for some, this transition can also lead to a loss of identity, a lack of purpose and financial and mental health struggles.

What is the Switch the Play Foundation?

Switch the Play was founded in 2014 by a unique mix of sportspeople, experienced practitioners, academics and business professionals all with one unifying common goal – a commitment to supporting athletes to successfully transition to life beyond sport. Initially formed as a social enterprise, Switch the Play Foundation gained charity status in 2020 allowing them to help more sportspeople than ever before. They are an independent charity with a strong track record of delivery and are trusted by athletes, clubs and sporting bodies alike.

They are inclusive, being the only organisation in the UK that will support any current or former athlete irrespective of contract status, funding level or sport. Switch the Play are unequivocally person-centred in their approach placing the needs of athletes at the heart of everything they do.

Switch the Play are governed by a Board of Trustees who are passionate about delivering a duty of care for athletes within and outside of sport. They have a staff team of 6 dedicated professionals who are experts in their field and bring a mix of skills and experience to the day to day running of the charity. They are supported by a team of Associates made up of athletes, coaches, managers and education professionals who help them to deliver vital services to athletes. Switch the Play are also grateful to be supported by a network of volunteers who all play a vital role in helping them to deliver their mission.

How Switch the Play help?

Switch the Play for all sportspeople

Whenever or however it happens, retirement from a life in sport can be difficult. They want to ensure that all sportspeople, irrespective of what they achieved in their sporting careers are supported in fulfilling their potential outside of sport. The fact that a sporting career could be over by the time someone hits their 30s makes retirement a worrying prospect for many and without preparation, life can be tough once those sporting days are over.

Why they are needed

There are a number of organisations including player associations who do a lot of good work. They support them as part of the solution in addressing the challenges faced by sportspeople in their transition. As a charity, they are here to bring awareness of transitions to sportspeople and educate them on how to be better prepared for when their sporting career ends.

Switch the Play Foundation - Fulfilling potential through and beyond sport
Switch the Play Foundation - Fulfilling potential through and beyond sport

Vision and Mission

The Switch the Play vision is of a world where every sportsperson fulfils their potential at every stage of their lives. It is their mission to empower sportspeople to be their best through and beyond sport by providing person-centred training, wellbeing and transition support.

Watch CEO Rob Young MBE at the Includability Sports Setting Launch Webinar


Switch the Play is an independent and trusted charity passionate about delivering a duty of care within and outside of sport. Switch the Play was founded by a unique mix of sportsmen and women, experienced practitioners, academics and business professionals. They understand what it feels like when a career ends, and they know what is needed to help you discover a new and rewarding path. They know that, while there are some excellent practices and approaches in the industry, there is still much to be done to support sportspeople, as is evidenced in the Duty of Care in Sport review.

Their healthy mix of athletes, coaches, managers, support staff and professionals from Higher and Further Education means everything they do is based on a wide range of perspectives which ensures they are delivering the right solution – this forms the 'prac-ademic' approach.

For more Information and to learn about the fantastic work that Switch the Play Foundation are doing visit

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