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Climate action at your fingertips. Simple and impactful ways to collectively reverse climate change.


"There is lots to consider when building your business and creating the conditions for success for you team. Working through the assessment process for Includability has been great, meeting with their partners offered insight, guidance and practical advice on building a responsible inclusive work environment for your people, helping measure where we are on the journey and to plan for our future at Ecologi"

Joel Baynes, COO at Ecologi

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Climate action at your fingertips. Simple and impactful ways to collectively reverse climate change.
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Climate action at your fingertips

Simple and impactful ways to collectively reverse climate change.

We created Ecologi so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis

Our collective home is in the process of being turned totally upside down which is leading to strife for almost all life on Earth.

We know it’s preventable. And we know it’s not going to save itself.

So, it is up to us to solve it. But what levers can we pull? Reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is far slower than the time we have remaining.

The tools that we associate with fighting climate change are inadequate. What if that changed and the billions of us who care became empowered?

There are enough climate solutions that are out there right now, that if we supported them, it’d undo 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2.

This is our opportunity.

About Us

We are Ecologi, a social enterprise and market leader in the climate action space. We provide innovative and progressive tools for people to act on climate: a subscription service to reverse climate change; a marketplace for climate solutions; and most recently our real-time carbon footprinting for business.

Our mission is to avoid 50% of global emissions by 2040. The question is, how are we going to do this? Firstly, by protecting nature and supporting the best in carbon offset programmes (like protecting the Amazon Rainforest). And secondly, planting trees in the places and habitats that need them.

With our 25,000+ strong subscriber base, we’re now funding 1 million trees every few weeks. Impressive, but our goal is to fund billions of trees a month.

Could you help us achieve this?

Our Culture

As a team we’re easy going and we take great pride in our work. From brand and marketing to product development and climate impact, we’re all striving to move the needle on the climate emergency. We celebrate our milestones and we have get-togethers every quarter (restrictions permitting!). Our culture is about pulling together, helping one another, about putting forward good ideas and feeling part of something bigger than yourself.

Our Values

Hope:  People come to us with the hope of changing things for the better. Through the work that we do, we aim to show people around the world that not only is a better future possible, but that they can be help shape it.

Trust:  Trust must be in the fabric of every Ecologi communication. We build trust at every stage and interaction. Our ethos is impact over profit and we have to work hard to communicate this. To help gain trust we are fully transparent, sharing our inner workings with the world.

Excellence:  Whether it's the impact of our work on the world's climate, the features of our product or the way we communicate to customers, we always strive for excellence. High quality is our top priority, in everything we do.

The Team

Ecologi was set up in 2019 by 3 friends from Bristol, and in only two years our subscription service has planted over 15 million trees. Our team is growing (20+ people) and although a remote first organisation, we like to see each other regularly for meet ups. We like to think of ourselves as people who go for picnics, walks and talks and forest parties!

Good times and looking after the planet. What's not to love?

Work Perks

Flexible working:

9:30am to 3:30pm are our core working hours, the rest is flexible - we work around your productivity!


Optional daily mindfulness sessions and Friday ‘chill and chat’ sessions.

Annual leave:

Taking a break is great for the soul and your ability to be brilliant at work. That's why you have an extra week's holiday. You're entitled to 25 days holiday plus bank holidays.

Pension with intentions:

We'll enrol you into Nest pensions, complete with Ethical Fund options for building your retirement pot.

Tech equipment:

We'll provide your laptop for you so you can dive straight in when you start!

Enhanced parental leave:

We support you throughout your journey!


Ecologi actively encourages employees to get involved in courses, seminars and conferences.

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As an organisation, the key to making meaningful progress is communicating effectively, regularly and with transparency. Our community, who are all passionate about our key pillars, are available to offer you advice, support and guidance when needed.


Individually we can make a difference, but together we can instigate meaningful and positive change. The Includability team is here to make introductions, encourage the sharing of best practice and support each other as we navigate our way to the inclusive and sustainable workplace culture we are all striving to achieve.

Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration.

To create an inclusive workplace culture takes expertise and knowledge which is why we encourage our members to work together. Our regular community networking sessions will provide you access to our directory of Ambassadors, members and advisors so you know that the people you are working with will not only give you the right advice but also share the same values as you.


Relationships are more than just about completing a job or task which is why we use the word community. What we think you’ll love most about Includability is that every person and business has the same values and is working towards the same goal - to create a society that is free from discrimination, that cares for our planet and has genuine focus on our colleagues, friends and employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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