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Veterans In Action

UK veterans develop skills and work alongside other veterans to make, use, film and build projects to help with Post Traumatic Growth.

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UK veterans develop skills and work alongside other veterans to make, use, film and build projects to help with Post Traumatic Growth.
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Charity, Mental Health, Veteran Support
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Veterans in Action

Build it


Veterans Expeditions Overland is a project that is run from the VIA ALIVE Centre and an additional garage run by a former ASM from the REME where a team of veterans’ strip and rebuild Land Rovers and prepare them to expedition standard.

Make it

The idea for the Made by Veterans project started as far back as 2011 on one of our long distance walking expeditions where we were camped next to a river in Scotland and were getting the evening meal on over an open fire using a Dutch Oven.

The veterans on the walk were given a carving tool and told to carve themselves a spoon for their meal. We observed the concentration on their faces and the laughs within the group was great to see and we knew by focusing on something it enabled them to engage with others and produce something they could use.

Use it

Veterans In Action have been running expeditions for over a decade initially long-distance walking expeditions from 2010 to 2017 covering a distance of 13,500 miles across the UK with over 500 veterans taking part.

In 2017 thanks to the BUILD IT  part of the Veterans Expeditions Overland Project we started to run overland expeditions across Europe with veterans who had been involved in building the vehicles, many of them suffering from PTSD.

Film it


Veterans In Focus is a new project that is initially run from the VIA ALIVE Centre but will also be incorporated in all aspects of the work we do at Veterans In Action.

Many veterans can become socially isolated after leaving the Forces and can struggle in adjusting to civilian life, this project brings a group of veterans together who support each other, in many different ways and veterans, once more feel a sense of belonging something they often miss once leaving service.

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