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5 more B Corps to partner with in 2023

In our continuing celebrations of B Corp month, we are still geeking out every week over how much these awesome B Corps help us do our jobs better.

Includability is celebrating B Corp month with a list of 5 more B Corps with work closely with

Published on
September 5, 2023
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In our continuing celebrations of B Corp month, we are still geeking out every week over how much these awesome B Corps help us do our jobs better.

These purpose-led businesses are some golden nuggets that help people, the planet on a daily basis that show us that business can do the right thing and still make profit. ‘Super charge their ethical supply chain’ and cost effectively improve employee engagement.

We put together a list of 5 B Corps that partner with in 2023. We partner with so many B Corps and have even more in our community as members and committed employers that we needed another list.

There is to be no fighting or competing! this list isn’t our favourites, just a list of 5 really cool B Corps that we work closely with.

What is a B Corp score?

To achieve B Corp status, companies must verify their social and environmental performance by completing a B Impact Assessment every 3 years.

A score of 80 qualifies a company for B Corp Certification. The median score for ordinary businesses is 50.9.


B1G1 runs a business movement that enables businesses to embed giving into their everyday activities to create giving with real resonance, meaning and purpose. And as a B1G1 Member, fully 100% of your giving goes to the carefully curated, high-impact global projects of your choice.

Who are B1G1?

B1G1 is a simple and intuitive philanthropy platform is an easy and seamless way of keeping track of our giving and our impact to any of the 500+high impact projects. B1G1 lets us make making an impact an integral part of what we do as business.

Since forming in 2007, B1G1 has generated over 290 million giving impacts over the years, supporting over 2,700 projects which each project listed on B1G1 contributing to one or more SDGs.

What is B1G1’s B Corp impact?

Certified Since October 2017

Overall B Impact Score - 88.3

2017 Overall B Impact Score - 87.1

Matchable Volunteering

Matchable is a B2B platform, matching employees with unique volunteering projects so they can upskill while making their biggest impact.

Through Matchable’s pool of skilled professional volunteers, their community of nonprofits (charities, social enterprises) and impact start-ups get access to the resource they need to help them fulfil their missions.

Who are Matchable Volunteering?

Matchable were incubated by the Good Lab and are backed by leading global charities including The British Red Cross and Water Aid.

They became a certified B Corporation in September 2020,joining an international network of over 2,500 companies committed to balancing profit and purpose.

What is Matchable’s B Corp Impact?

Certified since September 2020

Overall B Impact Score - 108.4

Winner - Best For The World: Governance 2022 and Best For The World: Governance 2021


Sipsmith’s set of core values have been defined by the Sipsmith family, the people who make Sipsmith what it is today. As well as capturing their commitment to uncompromising quality, their values also capture their commitment to becoming a force for good in the world. Sipsmith’s no-half-measures approach and desire to leave a legacy will fuel them forward on this exciting journey to now craft a better future for people and the planet too.

Who are Sipsmith?

Sipsmith believe while taking shortcuts might be crafty, doing things properly, that’s craft. It all began in 2009 in a tiny workshop in London. Three great friends – Sam, Fairfax and Jared – set up London’s first traditional copper pot distillery in nearly 200 years. Their mission was simple: to bring London Dry Gin of truly uncompromising quality and character back to the city where it first earned its name. Every bottle is made by hand and in small batches, driven by the belief that this is the only way to craft spirits of such high quality.

What is Sipsmith’s B Corp impact?

Certified since May 2021

Overall B Impact Score - 83.2

Cook Trading Ltd

COOK believes a business is the most potent instrument of positive change in the world today. They seek to show how business can create shared and durable prosperity for all, rather than simply maximise return for shareholders. They believe food should be cooked not processed. Cooking is the magic through which people transform raw ingredients into delicious sustenance for life. It is the vital link connecting food and farms, people and planet. So they are proud to cook in kitchens full of people and seek to create a better food system.

Who are COOK Trading?

At COOK, they are all about Remarkable Food For Your Freezer, Made Like You Would At Home. This means at their kitchens they cook using exactly the same ingredients and techniques you would at home. The driving purpose at the heart of COOK is Nourishing Relationships. Home cooking is all about nourishment, not just for the body but for the soul, and COOK is a business built on strong, caring relationships between people. The big relationships that really matter to them, that they are attempting to nourish are: Between Business and Society.

What is COOK’s B Corp impact?

Certified Since November 2013

Overall B Impact Score - 104.1

2018 Overall B Impact Score - 87.5

2015 Overall B Impact Score - 82.9

2013 Overall B Impact Score - 80

DiSRUPT Agency

DiSRUPT Agency recruitment solutions are designed to meet the bespoke needs of your business and provide support, expertise and flexibility at every stage of the talent acquisition process. Their services have been designed from the ground up to offer the very best in RPO, On-Demand and Project based recruitment for B-Corp, SME, Scale-up and Start up businesses. We support a range of commitments including B1G1, 1% for the planet, Ecologi, The Living Wage Foundation and The Better Business Act.

Who are DiSRUPT?

DiSRUPT B-Corp (Formally Ellis Knight International B-Corp) is a Berkshire based Ethical recruitment agency. We were the first high street recruiter in the UK to become a B-Corp, and are, at this time, the only recruitment agency in the world to achieve B Corp & Planet Mark status.

What is DiSRUPT’s B Corp impact?

Certified Since March 2021

Overall B Impact Score – 92

How can Includability help B Corps and potential B Corps?

Through our community of Ambassadors, Partners and Committed Employers at Includability we can help you expand your resources and knowledge base to include a range of B Corp organisations that can help you grow as a more ethical organisation.

Whether you are B Corp or B Corp Pending, becoming an Includability Committed Employer can help improve your B Corp impact score, improve employee retention by becoming an inclusive organisation, improve your pool of candidates for job roles and become more mentally healthy by putting your employees through mental health first aid training.

All these services and more is available to your business for just £1495 per year.

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