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The Mindful Craft Company joins Includability as an Official Partner

We welcome our new Official Partner The Mindful Craft Company in joining Includability, the home of inclusive businesses.

The Mindful Craft Company joins Includability, the home of inclusive businesses.

Published on
August 30, 2023
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Includability is delighted to welcome The Mindful Craft Company as an Official Partner for 2022.

Our new Official Partner The Mindful Craft Company has joined Includability, the home of inclusive businesses.

Who are The Mindful Craft Company?

The Mindful Craft Company offers crafting kits to businesses as a social connection and stress busting activity as a health and wellbeing tool for employees and provides mindful craft sessions in which employees can engage as a group.

Born out of the pandemic in 2020, Fiona Lock, Founder of The Mindful Craft Company, experienced problems with her mental health, as many did! It was through crafting that she found a way to cope.

She says that taking part in crafting is proven to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress with creativity improving self-esteem, boosting confidence, and makes people feel happier and healthier.

The mindful craft sessions also improve social connections, reduce loneliness and social isolation. With more employees working remotely, they say crafting can make us feel more engaged and be an opportunity to connect with others in a creative way, proven to improve wellbeing and have a positive impact on levels of anxiety and depression.

On working with Includability, Lock said,

“We are honoured to partner with Includability. As a new founder it can be tough to find your way, but having the opportunity to connect, share and learn from the amazing Includability community is so valuable. At The Mindful Craft Company, we connect people through craft, and with community at its heart, a partnership with Includability feels like a perfect match.”

What is Includability?

Includability is a platform centred around community. It has been developed to raise expectation, increase employer accountability and create a new standard for what a job board should deliver through engagement, collaboration and regularly sharing best practice.

Includability provides a job board to all Includability Committed Employers and Official Partners. It aims to provide inspiration and action for positive change in the workplace. Our vision is to be the number one job platform of choice for employers and job seekers and to positively contribute towards a society that is free from discrimination will be achieved through clear communication, collaboration and decisive action.

What are Includability Official Partners?

Our Official Partners help to promote and champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Work collaboratively with the Includability community to promote best practice. Promote employee education and wellbeing and empower and encourage employees to join groups to build knowledge.

What makes Includability different?

What makes us different from other community platforms and job boards is every employer advertising on the platform is independently verified using a 5-Star Verification process, or 6-Star Verification process for recruitment agencies, to ensure organisations are committed towards the areas of diversity and inclusion, environment and sustainability, mental health, wellbeing, and talent management.

Paul Smith, Founder of Includability, said:

“As a community of like-minded people, we are proud to be partnered with The Mindful Craft Company. Change must happen, action is not optional, it’s essential. Includability has been created predominantly out of frustration, but with a great deal of pride and hope. Hope that we can play a part in going some way to eliminating the fear of discrimination from a job seeker thought process, the hope that we can help organisations bridge their employee’s education gaps and build their knowledge, and by removing the competitive element from all of our partners, we passionately believe that best way to succeed is by working together, engaging, collaborating and inspiring each other. It’s time to stand up, speak out and be a game changer. If not now, when?”  
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