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What are the benefits of joining Ecologi for Includability?

Why Includability Chose to Join Ecologi. As a purpose led business, it was essential that our business be as climate positive as possible.

Why Includability Chose to Join Ecologi

Published on
September 1, 2023
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The Benefits of Ecologi Membership

As a purpose led business, it was essential that our business be as climate positive as possible. 

We operate without office premises and do not produce a carbon intensive product. Consequently, our carbon footprint may be relatively small, but we can still offset it and look to go beyond our business’ footprint to try and help the planet.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is a UK-based “subscription service for the planet” founded in 2019 serving to fund environmental projects, with a particular focus on tackling the climate crisis. Ecologi has over 16,000 public and a further 6,000 business members, seeing it plant around 1 million trees every 10 days. 

Why did we choose to partner with Ecologi?

We chose to work closely with them in partnership with as a subscribing member of their platform, because they operate on an individual carbon footprint model, built around the principle of inspiring the collective action of millions of individuals – meaning the individual carbon footprint is a useful framework to use, to help individuals chip in with a small share of the offsetting load from carbon intensive industries. Every member of our team can be climate positive with their individual carbon footprints offset.  

Ecologi membership allows us to invest in new tree planting and verified carbon offsetting projects. The carbon offset projects we have funded to offset our footprint rotate each month between top-quality projects that avoid greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. 

How do we ensure we remain a climate positive workforce?

To ensure that our Includability team remains a climate positive workforce, we offset our own carbon footprint on a monthly basis through Gold Standard carbon offsetting projects. We have provided support to 27 of these amazing projects so far with the greatest impact being on the three projects such as: Producing electricity from wind power in Northeast Thailand (1.3 tonnes CO2e reduced), Onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan (1.32 tonnes CO2e reduced) and Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil (1.31 tonnes CO2e reduced).

What is our journey so far with Ecologi?

We established our forest in 2021. As of July 2022, we are proud to say we have planted 6,025 trees in our forest. That has allowed us to offset 13.58 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Ecologi platform presents this data to us in real time and offers real world scenarios to equivocate what our offsetting has meant.  

Our celebration when we reached over 6000 trees in our Ecologi forest

The 13.2 tonnes of CO2e we have so far saved from the atmosphere is the equivalent of that of 10 long haul flights, saving 40 square meters of ice or 32,748 miles driven in the average family car. 

We use Ecologi to benefit our members by planting trees in their honour for attending our Employer Support Groups (ESGs) and webinars.

We also plant additional trees for social media promotions, i.e., Sustainability Days and screenshot evidence of joining our official partners, the Mental Health Charter. 250 trees are also planted once an organisation becomes an Includability Committed Employer. See our ecologi forest

What are Includability's Key Statistics?

Through our proud partnership with Ecologi, Includability has achieved the following in our first full year of operation. 

  • 6,025 – no. of trees planted in our forest (as of July 2022)
  • 13.58 tonnes of CO2 offset.
  • 16 months of climate impact.

Offsetting 13.58 tonnes of CO2 is the equivalent of the following

  • Offsetting 10 long haul flights.
  • Saving 41 square metres of sea ice.
  • Offsetting 33,692 miles driven in a car.

Breakdown of Our biggest carbon offsetting projects through Ecologi (July 2022):

In July 2022, Ecologi has reduced CO2 emissions 2 million tonnes – equivalent to 6.4% of London’s annual emissions. Ecologi can plant around 1 million trees every 10 days. 85% of their income is spent on climate solutions

We support Ecologi’s mission to get as much money into climate change solutions as possible, and that’s reflected in their commitment to spending just 15% of income on operating costs (with 85% spent on climate solutions).

Many climate projects are just relatively inexpensive, like a routine solar installation in a very sunny part of the world with access to cheap land and expertise.

As of July 2022, Ecologi has now reduced CO2 emissions 2 million tonnes – that is equivalent to 6.4% of London’s annual emissions – all thanks to their community. It was only in January 2022 that they reached 1 million tonnes of CO2 reduced.

Is Ecologi a B Corp?

Ecologi has also been named by B Corp as Best for the World in Governance and Environment for 2022. Their scores were in the top 5% of B Corps in both categories. But they are not resting there, they say they will continue working with members, colleagues, partners and the global B Corp community to improve and make an even bigger impact on the world in 2023.

Ecologi named Best In The World by B Corp for Governance & Environment

Why do we continue to support Ecologi?

We will continue to support Ecologi in all that they do, not just because they have had great successes this year, but because they are just getting started. They have amazing ambition of reducing 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040, and we want to help them reach that goal.

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