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Think Inclusive Roadshows

Find out all about our Think Inclusive Roadshows. With amazing guest speakers and the chance to focus on some of the most pressing topics in our community this is the opportunity to really make a change and grow your organisation.

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Find out all about our Think Inclusive Roadshows and how they can help your organisation

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Think Inclusive Roadshows

Think Inclusive Roadshows are a live, in person, event that are focused on Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing.

These events will be up to 2 hrs 30 mins with 3/4 expert guest speakers talking about a chosen specific topic. With Q&A sessions after the speakers you'll have chance to pose your questions and get advice and help from some of the most informed and brilliant minds on a range of subjects.

Currently Think Inclusive Roadshows are free to attend so don't miss your chance to be part of these great community events

Our FAQs are designed to help answer any questions you have about our Think Inclusive Roadshow events.

Think Inclusive Roadshow Events
What are Think Inclusive Roadshows?

Think Inclusive Roadshows are an in-person event that are focused on Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing. Each Roadshow will have 3 or 4 Guest Speakers talking about a specific topic, followed by a Q&A session.

How long are Think Inclusive Roadshows?

Generally, every Think Inclusive Roadshow will last between 2 hours – 2 hour 30 minues

What areas of expertise do Think Inclusive Roadshows cover?

All things Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Are Think Inclusive Roadshows paid events?

Currently these events are free to attend

How can I get involved in a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

Quite simply, get in touch and let us know that you would love to be a guest speaker, host an event or just get involved!

How can I attend a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

We have a range of events going on all over the country. Simply click the event link and register!

Can I sponsor a Think Inclusive Roadshow?

Absolutely! Please just get in touch and let’s have a chat.

How do I find a Think Inclusive Roadshow near me?

We are adding new venues regularly so just keep checking out our events page and please do feel free to suggest a location! Just use the get in touch form.

Do I have to be an Includability Member to attend a Think Inclusive Event?

Absolute not. These events are for anyone, not just the Includability Community.

However if you would like to learn more about the benefits of being part of the Includability Community we would love to show you here.

Do I have to register to attend a Think Inclusive Roadshow Event?

Yes! Please register using the Eventbrite link.

Will Think Inclusive Roadshow events be recorded or is there a webinar version?

We are working on it! In the future there will be the option to tune in to our YouTube channel and watch the events live from the comfort of your own home!

I’m a member of the press. I would like to report on an event?

Let’s have a chat! Get in touch with us and we are very happy to talk about the possibility of you reporting on our events

Are there any refreshments at Live Events?

Yes. We will always provide tea, coffees, water etc. There will also be a variety of breakfast nibbles at each event

At Live Events will there accessibility for disabled persons?

We ensure that every venue we choose is accessible

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Think Inclusive Roadshow 2022
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Think Inclusive Roadshow 2022
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Think Inclusive Roadshow 2022
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Think Inclusive Roadshow July 2022
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We are here to help you by giving you access to some of the most amazing people who are making a difference in our society. Whether your an employee or an employer hit 'Roadshow Sign Up' to register for one of our Think Inclusive Roadshow events and take your next step to creating a better world.

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