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Includability Employer Support Groups (ESG)

Find out all about how our Employer Support Groups, or as we call them ESG's, can help your business find solutions to some of the most pressing issues in our community

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Our upcoming ESG (Employer Support Group) Events

Our Community driven platform and standard designed to create and educate amazing businesses and people

What makes Includability the home of inclusive employers?

Find out all about what our ESG's are & how they give value to our community

Our Community driven platform and standard designed to create and educate amazing businesses and people

Helping educate all types of business

Employer Support Groups

Our monthly ESG's (Employer Support Groups) offer the perfect chance for community members to get together and share their knowledge and experience. This is a truly safe space for everyone to build their understanding across a variety of topics.

With 3 incredible guest speakers presenting on a diverse range of subjects each ESG offers a unique chance to network and communicate with like minded people who share a common goal.

Our FAQ's are designed to help answer any questions you have about our ESG monthly events.

What are ESG’s - Employer Support Groups?

These are our monthly get togethers where we welcome three incredible guest speakers to share their knowledge and experiences with you. It’s a truly safe space for everyone to build their understanding across a variety of topics as well as network with incredible like minded people. And we plant a tree for every attendee so you are totally doing your bit for the planet too.

How often are ESG's held?

Currently we run the ESGs every month (traditionally the last Wednesday form 10.30am to 11.45am) so you can book them in your diary with ease.

Do you do live events or are they prerecorded?

These are always live so you can enjoy the benefit of asking questions and networking.

How can I get involved in an ESG?

We would absolutely love you to be involved. Why not register for our next ESG through our events page (insert link) and come along to see what it’s all about – simply bring yourself (and a friend if you’d like to!) plus of course a beverage of your choice. get in touch

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Employer Support Group

I would like to present at an ESG is this possible?

Absolutely it is!! Many of our guest speakers became so just by coming along to an ESG to meet like minded people. If you have a story to tell and feel that it could support people then we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Please do pop us an email to and let’s have a virtual cuppa together.

Can I watch the event after it has happened?

At the moment that’s sadly not possible but we are looking to record the individual guest speakers very soon to enable you to enjoy should you be unable to attend on the day.

How long are the ESG’s

Traditionally they run at 1 hour and 15 minutes and we aim to always finish promptly – we certainly squeeze a lot of fantastic stuff in during that time for you.

can I just lurk in the background or do I have to network?

We would always encourage you to introduce yourselves and forge new relationships but you must do what feels most comfortable for you – we’re just delighted to have you on the call. You are invited to join the breakout rooms after each guest speaker rather than being automatically moved to one to give you all the freedom you need. If you’d prefer not to join, you can simply turn your camera off, make a cuppa, and join us again when you are ready to.

What is a breakout room?

This is where we invite you to join 4 or 5 other attendees in a virtual chat room after one of our guest speakers has finished – we have two breakout rooms during an ESG, each typically lasting no more than 15 minutes. Traditionally the guest speaker will pose a question around the topic just presented for everyone to take into their breakout rooms – it’s a lovely way to get the conversation going after everyone has had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

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We are here to help you by giving you access to some of the most amazing people who are making a difference in our society. Whether your an employee or an employer hit 'ESG Sign Up' to register for one of our Employer Support Groups events and take your next step to creating a better world.

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