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B Corp Webinar 23 - 🚀 Inclusive Recruitment & Culture Retention as a Socially Responsible Company Part 1

We host an interactive panel discussion with leading experts offering great advice, tons of inspiration and the opportunity for guests to ask our panellists any questions they may have.

DiSRUPT Agency is here! So is B Corp Month! PART UN

So, to celebrate those two things, come and join us as we host an interactive panel discussion with leading experts offering great advice, tons of inspiration and the opportunity for you to ask our panellists any questions you may have.By attending the webinar, you will leave with some key takeaways that you can implement across your business.

⚫️ Creating faster and fairer hiring processes by reducing interview and assessor bias.

⚫️ Attract and embed new talent into your team and the part they play in retaining company culture.

⚫️ Importance of communication throughout the recruitment process

⚫️ How to nurture a working environment that truly champions your company's culture and values

⚫️ Helping to enable your business to recognise and deploy their talent effectively to create an agile and high-performing workforce.

Hosted by Paul Smith, Founder at DiSRUPT (B Corp Certified) and Includability, join our upcoming webinar featuring a powerhouse panel of experts from some of the best B Corp certified companies.

Whether you are in a HR role, Talent Acquisition or a leader of a business, our panel of experts will give you incredible tips, advice and answer any of your questions around inclusive recruitment and culture retention.

🔴 Kim Deverall, HR Partner at Ella’s Kitchen

🔵 Michael Blakley, Co-Founder at Equitas

⚫️ Tina Wallace, Director of People at COOK Trading

🟡 Martin Mason, Founder at Unleashed

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best.

DiSRUPT Agency

Unapologetically Different.

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