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Kickstarting Your Business Wellbeing Path with Matt Lock, Outliers Wellbeing | Includability Shorts

Matt Lock, co-founder at Outliers Wellbeing and partner at Includability, discusses the importance of prioritising wellbeing in a business setting, offering several suggestions on how to initiate and maintain a healthy workplace culture.

Matt Lock, co-founder at Outliers Wellbeing and partner at Includability, discusses the importance of prioritising wellbeing in a business setting.

Kickstarting Your Business Wellbeing Journey | Includability Shorts feat. Matt Lock, Co-Founder of Outliers Wellbeing.

Welcome to another episode of 'Includability Shorts' with your host Dave Holby-Wolinski.

In today's 5-minute deep dive, we are joined by a well-being powerhouse, Matt Lock - the Co-Founder of Outliers Wellbeing, a Certified B-Corp™️, Athlete Services Manager at Switch The Play, and First Team Manager at Worcester City Women's FC.Matt shares his passion for wellbeing, explaining how businesses can begin their wellbeing journey.

With his wealth of experience in both leadership and wellbeing, Matt offers unique insights and tips to support both the happiness and bottom-line of your company.You'll find actionable advice on everything from understanding your team's struggles to enhancing wellbeing initiatives in the workplace.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve your current wellbeing program, this is a must-watch!Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay updated with more Includability Shorts. For more details, head over to's create a more inclusive business world, together!

Matt Lock, co-founder at Outliers Wellbeing and partner at Includability, discusses the importance of prioritising wellbeing in a business setting, offering several suggestions on how to initiate and maintain a healthy workplace culture.


  • 🤝 Matt emphasises the need for a top-down approach, suggesting that business leaders play a crucial role in championing workplace wellbeing initiatives. This stems from their position of responsibility and the respect they command within the organisation.
  • 🏆 He cautions against confusing employee perks with genuine wellbeing, urging businesses to prioritise building a culture that supports wellbeing and responds positively to adversity.
  • 💼 Emphasising the importance of a positive tone, he suggests that addressing mental health and wellbeing should be both serious and enjoyable. This can be achieved by ensuring that business values are clearly communicated and embodied in the workplace.
  • 📊 While cautioning against being driven purely by data, Matt recognises its value for understanding what employees want and how they view the company. However, excessive reliance on engagement surveys and data may overshadow the real, lived experience of employees.
  • 🎭 To ensure inclusivity in wellbeing initiatives, Matt recommends acknowledging the variety of needs among employees, as everyone is different. Providing a range of provisions will help to cater to all employees, irrespective of their preferences or situations.
  • 🚀 His final tip is simply to make a start with wellbeing initiatives, accepting that some attempts may not be successful. What matters most is demonstrating a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing and continuing to refine initiatives over time.
  • 🎧 Includability offers more insights into inclusive and mentally healthy workplace cultures on their website and YouTube or Spotify channels.

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