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Inclusive Cultures

We are equality, diversity and inclusion experts

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We are equality, diversity and inclusion experts
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Inclusive Cultures

Nothing else like sport has the power to bring people, societies and cultures together, and to help change lives for the better.

Everyone deserves to be a part of that.

Everyone should be able to access opportunities, feel included and supported, and have a quality experience when they do so, whether playing, facilitating or governing.

Our mission is to create a fully inclusive experience for everyone in sport, with a principle focus on growing the diversity of people working and participating.

Come with us, and let's make a difference!

Our Expertise

Inclusive governance: Inclusion of viewpoints and diversity in decision making are the keys to good governance and great leadership.

Inclusive workforce: An inclusive workforce that truly represents the people and cultures you aim to engage is the key to successful outreach.

Inclusive workspaces: An inclusive organisation culture that supports all colleagues to truly be themselves at work is the key to success for everyone.

Inclusive experiences: Inclusive, welcoming and accessible environments are the key to supporting a good time for everyone, every time!

Who We Are

Inclusive Cultures was founded by Jamie Hooper (@justjamiehooper)

Jamie has 10 years experience working at the forefront of equality, diversity and inclusion best practice in the sport and physical activity sector.

Jamie has previously worked at Swim England and Sport England, leading on equality and diversity across these organisations, working towards ensuring that everyone can access sport and physical activity and have a great time when they are doing so.

Jamie previously led on the review of the Equality Standards for Sport, supporting all sporting bodies in England to strive to improve their work around equality, diversity and inclusion.

Jamie has been on the frontline of both LGBTQ+ and ethnic minority participation over recent years, and has been involved in driving progress in these areas forwards from the street to the board room.

Jamie is also a very proud Non-Exec Director and Advisory Board Member of a number of organisations including Sport For Confidence, the Black Swimming Association, and the Federation of Gay Games.

In his spare time Jamie represents Wales as an international hockey umpire and was lucky enough to umpire most recently at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast in Australia.

Why Work With Us

Inclusive Cultures is built on years of experience of sector leading equality, diversity and inclusion best practice across sport and physical activity.

Our knowledge spans the entire sporting system from local level participation and engagement to board level governance.

We specialise in driving inclusive culture change to create safe and supportive environments for those working and participating in sport.

We are experts in achieving greater diverse representation, working towards ensuring the sport sector is reflective of the population.

We are founded on expert knowledge of the better inclusion of ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and disabled people, but more importantly, their intersectional experiences and challenges.

We believe people, and creating great experiences for them, should be at the very heart of all decision making.

Whether you are writing strategies, developing policies, planning projects, or working on diversifying your board, your workforce, or your audience, then let us know. We can help you!

Our Services

Governance and leadership:

  • Expert advice on developing an inclusive and diverse board and leadership team.
  • Expert advice on increasing diversity in business decision making.
  • Writing, reviewing and equality impact assessing organisational strategies.
  • Development and review of EDI specific action plans and policies.
  • Expert support with achieving EDI sector standards.
  • Expert knowledge of good governance support tools.
  • Expert knowledge of wider strategies and policies likely to impact this area.

Workforce and workplace:

  • Writing, reviewing and equality impact assessing internal policies.
  • Expert review of recruitment processes, procedures and strategies.
  • Expert advice on obtaining accurate data to better inform decision making.
  • Expertise on developing EDI business management and monitoring tools.
  • Support to embed EDI best practice in day to day work programmes.
  • Ensuring engagement of workforce in developing internal EDI best practice.
  • Training and education for workforce and leadership on EDI best practice.

Outreach and engagement:

  • Expert review of current delivery projects and programmes.
  • Experts in developing specific EDI outreach projects and programmes.
  • Experts in redefining measures of success around EDI initiatives.
  • Experts in external workforce EDI engagement and education.
  • Engaging and developing relationships with key partners in the community.
  • Expert advice on developing an inclusive brand and comms strategy.
  • Support with EDI public affairs and external partner engagement.

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