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Includability Launches Flagship Website –

Includability Launches Flagship Website –

What is and how can you become part of this inclusive community?

Published on
August 30, 2023
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Includability launches its new 2021 website

Includability is proud and delighted to announce the launch of its flagship website, – The Home of Inclusive Employers, as its primary job board and community hub. is more than just a job board. The employers on it are committed to creating an authentically inclusive culture, and is fully accessible thanks to a partnership with Recite Me. The candidates are in control of how they feel most comfortable applying for a job, with a number of options available to every job seeker.

Includability is a brand which welcomes employers that are committed to treating people equitably, where the only thing that matters is the ability to do the job. On the platform, job seekers and employees will have the opportunity to join and participate in various groups and webinars covering, Diversity and Inclusion, Environment and Sustainability, Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Ex-Military.

Includability aims to raise expectation and instil a level of accountability. One of the ways this will be achieved is by introducing a Five-Star Verification Process in partnership with Outliers Wellbeing, B Corp, IncludeUs, The Ability People (TAP) and Mental Health Charter CIC to ensure practices align with established definitions of an ‘Inclusive Workplace’.

Includability is a platform centred around community. It has been developed to raise expectation, increase employer accountability and create a higher standard for what a job board should deliver through engagement, collaboration and regularly sharing best practice. This new standard will be achieved through commitments undertaken by: Each new employer advertising jobs on the Includability platform being subject to verification, Official Partners committed to sharing best practice on inclusive cultures, and Brand Ambassadors sharing personal experience and being accessible to job seekers.

  • Every employer advertising on the job board will need to become an Includability Committed Employer via a Five-Star Verification process to advertise their job vacancies. Includability is committed to communicating with every jobseeker that finds employment via the platform during the first 12 months of employment.
  • Official Partners will be proactive in co-hosting webinars and other networking events to share and promote best practice, build employee knowledge, contribute to, and help create awareness that will benefit the entire Includability community. Includability will also share and amplify partner content on the same topics to its wider public via the Includability media channels.
  • Ambassadors will be champions for the Includability brand and will work to further the aims, vision and relationships of Includability by engaging with the Includability community during events, provide availability for job seekers to answer questions THE HOME OF INCLUSIVE EMPLOYERS and provide advice on topics suited to them, and engage with the media team to ensure the Includability brand and values are communicated effectively to the wider public.

Thus far, the Includability community consists of over 50 Official Partners, comprised of charities, membership bodies, consultancies and organisations, and over 30 Ambassadors representing Diversity and Inclusion, Environment and Sustainability, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Ex-Military.

The platform is the brainchild of Co-Founder, Paul Smith. Smith is a Director of the Berkshire based, B-Corp Certified international recruiter – EllisKnight, and is being launched in partnership with Liz Johnson (Gold Medal winning ex-Paralympian) and Steve Carter (former MD of Robert Half) of TAP.

Smith said: “Includability is a platform that offers the opportunity to engage, collaborate and partner with a community of like-minded people, it is so much more than just a job board. There are individuals doing good things, but if we can get people talking, sharing best practice and helping each other overcome obstacles, together we can achieve great things. There are many job boards out there, but I truly believe that we are on the verge of creating something special. It is time for action to be taken and we all have a level of responsibility to take that action.

“There is no room for competitiveness on our platform, it is about working together for the greater good, not individual gain. We want to become the Home of Inclusive Employers and a job board that Job Seekers are proud to be associated with and importantly, feel a part of.”

The Includability brand aims to provide inspiration and action for positive change in the workplace. The vision is to be the number one job platform of choice for employers and job seekers and to positively contribute towards a society that is free from discrimination. This will be achieved through clear communication, collaboration and decisive action.

David Holby-Wolinski, Director at Includability, said: “We have to be brave and create a new standard for a job board. The unique processes we have in place and the true sense of community we have developed for job seekers, employees and employers allow us to do just that. Whether it be providing a fully accessible, multi-option, job application process that places all applicants in control of how they apply for a vacancy, empowering employees through free knowledge-building webinars, or providing organisations with excellent resources and the ability to collaborate with our inspirational Ambassador network, we intend to build an inclusive working culture.“

Our Company Commitment Survey and Five-Star Verification process serve to support companies and connect employers with Includability Partners, whilst our unique Digital Company Advocates provide jobseekers with an authentic insight into the experience of being part of their team. We lead with compassion and the processes we have embedded into the Includability platform reflect the higher standard to which we should all hold ourselves accountable as we strive to break down barriers and place people and planet first.”

Sign up now to as an employer committed to a new standard of authentically inclusive workplaces, or as a candidate looking for an Includability Committed Employer.

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About Includability

A platform for employers that want to engage, collaborate and build a community of authentically inclusive members. Includability aims to provide inspiration and action for positive change in the workplace.


Be the number one job platform of choice for employers and job seekers and to positively contribute towards a society that is free from discrimination, through clear communication, total collaboration, and decisive action. To provide a platform for employers with a commitment to treating people fairly and to offer job seekers a fully accessible and equitable application process. Working through engagement, collaboration and building a community of like-minded people, Includability aims to provide inspiration, break down barriers and make a difference. Every employer will be vetted and validated through a Five-Star Verification system covering diversity and inclusion, mental health, environment and sustainability, wellbeing, accessibility, and a Company Commitment Survey.


  • 2% of monthly revenue will be split between two chosen Charities, Panathlon Challenge and Buddy Bag Foundation.
  • 1% of monthly revenue of be split between Rotary International and additional community projects.
  • A donation of 1% of annual sales to 1% For The Planet.
  • Monthly donations will be made to B1G1 to support projects across the world that will impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Includability is most aligned with Goals 1, 5, 8, 10, 13 & 16.
  • Becoming a B Corp Certified company and using business as a force for good.
  • Pledging to be a carbon neutral business.
  • Plant 250 trees through Ecologi for ever a company signing up for the monthly subscription.
  • 25 Trees will be planted for a single job advert purchased and 50 trees planted for every purchase job bundle of five credits.
  • For every new job advertised, medicinal treatment for one day for a nursery school child in Ethiopia to be provided.
  • One tree planted for every webinar attendee via the Includability partnership with Ecologi.
  • One cup of rice given to a child in crisis in Vietnam per attendee of Includability’s Employer Support Groups.
  • One day’s worth of seeds to nourish a child in Malawi donated per attendee at Includability Awareness Hubs.
  • One day of life-saving healthcare for a patient in Kenya donated per attendee at Includability’s Inspirational Huddles
  • For every new employer that registers, access to life-saving clean water to families in Cambodia for a week will be provided.
  • For every job filled with an Includability Job Seeker, improved sanitation to a child in Tanzania for a week will be provided.

*Subject to annual review

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