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Navigating the Pillars of Impact & Sustainability

There are many facets to sustainability and impact when seeking specific services to benefit the planet and your community. If you’re investing in a sustainability and impact strategy for your company, you want to make sure that what you’re doing is producing meaningful results.

Includability members have access to sustainability and impact consultants through its service.

Published on
September 19, 2023
Dave Holby-Wolinski BCA FRSA
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Hannah Keartland
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Environment & Sustainability
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There are many facets to sustainability and impact when seeking specific services to benefit the planet and your community.

If you’re investing in a sustainability and impact strategy for your company, you want to make sure that what you’re doing is producing meaningful results. Developing the right plan for your team is a complex and nuanced process.

At Includability, we work with so many businesses across the pillars of impact and sustainability that we put together this handy list to help you find the right sustainability and impact service partners that can support your business through your Includability membership.

There are many more pillars to creating a sustainable business. This guide covers some of the most common pain points businesses looking to improve their sustainability strategy face.

The pillars of sustainability

Measure - Your carbon footprint is the total amount of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) released into the atmosphere as a result of your actions. To measure your carbon footprint, you must examine three types of emissions which the Green House Gas Protocol (GHGP) labels 'scopes'.

  • Scope 1 emissions, which deals with direct emissions from owned or controlled sources
  • Scope 2 emissions, that are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy
  • Scope 3 emissions, including all indirect emissions, including up and down your company’s supply chains, which are not included in scope 2.‍

Engage – Engaging internal and external stakeholders to ensure everyone is invested in your company’s sustainability strategy, employees are encouraged to venture new ideas to reduce footprints, and investors re aware of long-term planning.   

Communicate - Through sustainability reporting, companies communicate their performance and impacts on a wide range of sustainability topics, spanning environmental, social and governance parameters.

Communication is key to receive outside help and ensure businesses are on the right track and following best practice for their size and industry.

Impact - Achieving sustainable impact means ensuring that the positive impact of a project on the lives of beneficiaries carries on after a project intervention has ended.

It’s not possible to know with 100% certainty whether the impact of a project will be sustained before the project commences but the viability or robustness of the sustainability strategy adopted by the project can be addressed.

Measure – Evaluating your footprint and your impact on the planet, communities and economic prosperity.  

B Corp - B Lab UK is a non-profit established in 2015 to serve a growing community of UK-based B Corp companies using business as a force for good. B Lab UK measures and verifies companies’ environmental and social performance using the B Impact Assessment, and ensures rigorous standards are met by all UK B Corps.
Together with B Lab teams from around the world, B Lab UK links a global network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and promote positive, action-led change towards a new approach to business.

Circular Ecology  - Circular Ecology are environmental consultants founded in 2013 to offer resource efficiency services, including carbon footprinting, water footprinting, life cycle assessment (LCA), circular economy and general resource efficiency.

Circular Ecology also offer a range of online training courses, carbon offsetting and tree planting.

Giki - Giki is an evidence-led B Corp that helps people learn to live more sustainably and then take step-by-step actions to cut their carbon footprint.

Giki’s unique approach helps you reach, engage, and educate your teams to make step-changes to reduce carbon, creating a more engaged, happier, and sustainable environment. Their comprehensive personal carbon calculator on an easy-to-use web app, blended with the expertise of climate change leaders, will change the way you think forever.

Planet Mark– Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation and for real estate. Their certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.

Planet Mark enable organisations and their people to positively transform society, the environment and the economy through measurement of their carbon and social data, using a unique three-step process: Measure, Engage and Communicate.

As a result of rigorous measurement, a commitment to improvement and engaging their stakeholders in the process, our members can communicate their progress with confidence, transparency and enthusiasm.

Engage – Convincing internal and external stakeholders with sustainable planning, driving culture and working to best practice

DiSRUPT Agency – DiSRUPT Recruitment: The roadmap to help your businesses amplify its impact.

DiSRUPT can help to scale up and amplify your company’s positive impact on people and planet, utilising the power of people. Working closely with you to develop a roadmap to gain a better understanding on what to prioritise and provide you with the guidance to make it happen.

Forestry Commission - The Forestry Commission is a non-ministerial government department responsible for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands.

They offer practical advice for woodland owners, managers and local authorities. Planting and managing trees, forests and woodlands so that they are fit for the future must be part of our climate response.

Trees, woodlands and forests play a key role in greenhouse gas removal, but trees can only help reduce the negative impacts of a changing climate if they are resilient to those challenges themselves.

Grain Sustainability - Grain make sustainability work for your business. Sustainability strategy and communications consultancy.

Grain Sustainability helps businesses become champions for the planet. Providing companies with sustainability assessment, planning and implementation tools to create a positive impact on people and the planet, increasing employee engagement, providing competitive advantage, and maximising profits.

Just One– Just One are a passionate sustainability consultancy on a mission to transform the world, one business at a time. Their holistic approach uses collaboration, creativity, and strategic thinking to build total value for people, planet, and prosperity.

They provide a range of bespoke corporate and sustainability services, covering; Purpose, Communications, Reporting, Social Value, Training, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Laura Slack – B Corp Expert – Laura has many years of analytical experience and is fuelled by passion of working for a better future for the planet, for people and for nature.  She consistently strives for excellence and will always go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied, as shown by the fact that under Laura’s hand, Honeywell Bakes became B Corp certified just 14 months after beginning the process.
She offers bespoke packages to meet your company’s needs: Can take charge of the process from BIA to certification, or can provide support for you or your team during the B Corp journey.

Matchable Volunteering – Matchable are a volunteering platform matching your employees with innovative volunteering projects based on the causes they care about, their skillset and their availability.

Matchable give your employees true purpose at work, whilst taking away all the hassle from managing volunteering. Corporate volunteering, but reimagined.

Prosperah – Prosperah guides you through a journey to map your purpose to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through enhanced stakeholder consultation, we’ll set key priority SDGs and targets to create your Purpose Book.
A control panel for your social responsibility and sustainability activities. Customise your multi-layered impact dashboards and measure how your greater purpose empowers communities and your business – with reputation, brand loyalty and employee retention metrics on hand.

TBL – Sustainability Advisers, Consultants, Guides: TBL’s team of advisers have years of sustainability experience in multinationals, SMEs and everything in between. They know how to make the Goals fit what you do. And they know how to help you map, prioritise, implement and measure.

With TBL experts by your side and the Goals as our guide, they’ll make building your sustainability strategy easy.

Communicate – Effective communication can lead to collaboration and learning, and realising the benefits of sharing pain and pitfalls on your journey

CSR-Accreditation– CSR-A is a leading UK based company delivering a global standard for social responsibility.

It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing everything we can to improve the world for future generations, by reducing the negative impact we have on the environment and by building a better and cohesive society. It is amazing what many of us are already doing that we don’t talk about. CSR-A provides the perfect opportunity for you to tell your positive story.

Includability– The Standard for companies committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable and mentally healthy workplace culture.
The key to learning and education is communicating with the right experts to help guide you. Our membership offers free access to webinars and community get-togethers, and access to reporting tools to help get your sustainability message across.

Keartland & Co. – helping business leaders have a meaningful, scaling impact through their business. They often face the following challenges: don’t have an actionable framework or plan that gives them the clarity they need- feel stuck and unsupported, lacking the confidence to drive this forward- want to write an impact report but don’t know where to start or what to include- feel overwhelmed trying to do this whilst juggling day-to-day operations.

Keartland & Co. supports them through four solutions: Clarify – Report – Amplify – Support

Support the Goals – Support the Goals is an initiative to rate and recognise the businesses that support the UN Global Goals. The key aims of the initiative are to:

  • Raise awareness of the Global Goals in the business community
  • Promote a structured approach to planning, target setting, and reporting in respect of the goals
  • Give young people work experience in corporate sustainability, so they understand how business can contribute to a better world

They are working to achieve these aims by building positive publicity, encouraging gentle competition and promoting the scaling of activities across supply chains.

The 3Engineers – The 3Engineers’ aim is to inspire the next generation to take small positive action to better the world. Encouraging young readers to join ‘Scout’s Team’ and actively participate in fixing some worldwide problems which feature in our books.

By taking small but important steps, we hope our books encourage children and parents to plant some seeds to feed the bees, to pick up plastic, and to upcycle household waste and turn it into rescue kits to help animals in our local habitats.

Impact – Supporting projects that benefit people, the planet and prosperity

B1G1 – B1G1’s mission is to create a world that's full of giving because that's a happier world B1G1 uniquely focuses on measurable business giving.
Impact – B1G1 ensure that 100% of contributions after costs go to support your intended projects to create real impact.

Best.Energy – Best.Energy is a cleantech business in the energy efficiency space. Their mission is to forge a built environment that is more energy-efficient, more sustainable and more pleasing to work and live in by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ecologi - Climate action at your fingertips. Simple and impactful ways to collectively reverse climate change.

Ecologi was created so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis. We know it’s preventable. And we know it’s not going to save itself. Ecologi offer tools:

Plant Trees - Make a purchase for our planet. Fund climate solutions for a positive climate impact.

Business Solutions - Simple & impactful climate action, trusted by 18,000+ businesses with 2.7 million Tonnes of CO2e avoided.

Ecologi Zero – The free and easy-to-use carbon footprinting tool for small and medium sized enterprises.

1% For The Planet – 1% For The Planet have seen first-hand how a single collective action by a dedicated group of people can create a world of difference.
Their impact is not simply the movement of money toward a worthy cause. It's about taking responsibility for the environment. It's conscious consumers who purchase for the planet. It's donors that make their money matter. It's our approved environmental partners going to work. It's our dedicated network collectively taking action.

Includability introduces businesses to sustainability and impact best practice consultants

Become an Includability Committed Employer today to receive introductions and benefits to these amazing organisations can help your business on its sustainability and impact journey. Sustainability and impact is just one of our core pillars at Includability, navigate our Equity Diversity & Inclusion partners and mental wellbeing partners to help develop a well-rounded, purposeful strategy.

Our team offers access to a wide range of community partners to allow businesses to become a fully inclusive, sustainable and mentally healthy workplace.

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