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Navigating the Pillars of Mental Wellbeing

At Includability, we work with so many businesses across 5 different pillars of mental wellbeing that we put together this handy list to help you find the right type of support for your business.

Whether you need workplace training, mental wellbeing support, social, financial or community support, Includability is here for you and your employees

Published on
September 19, 2023
Mental Health Charter
Mental Health & Wellbeing
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Whether you need workplace training, mental wellbeing support, social, financial or community support, Includability is here for you and your employees

There are many facets to mental health when seeking specific services to benefit your employees. Navigating the layers can be tricky as mental health and wellbeing services could range from looking to prevent mental health crisis to simply promoting happiness in your workplace by arranging fun mental challenges and team building games.  

If you’re investing in a mental wellbeing for your company, you want to make sure that what you’re doing is producing meaningful results. Developing the right plan for your team is a complex and nuanced process.

At Includability, we work with so many businesses across 5 different pillars of mental wellbeing that we put together this handy list to help you find the right type of support for your business. Our community of experts offer exploratory calls, training, helpful toolkits, and support services to ensure you’re doing your utmost to look after your employees.

The pillars of mental wellbeing are important to business

Mental wellbeing is a combination of how we feel (our emotions and life satisfaction) and how we function (relationships with others, personal control, purpose in life and independence). It is something that affects everyone.

We know that the following factors can influence our mental wellbeing positively and negatively and contributes to our capacity for a healthy mental life, including sound decision-making, self-regulation, and self-control.

All factors that are very important in the workplace and employers that understand that maintaining a mentally healthy environment by offering training, resources and time off when employees feel mentally unwell or drained.

Mental Wellbeing - Healthy habits of thinking and emotion. How we feel, think, and act in the workplace

Our partners can help with mental wellbeing and more, check out each of their profiles to see how they can best help you.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Workplace Mental Health Charter - Mental Health Charter (MHC)'s purpose is to provide a flexible and consistent charter to enable all businesses in the UK to access mental health support, provide awareness and training and put in place a structure and systems to support people in the workplace.

Employers are seeing up to £5 of return in fewer sick days for every £1 spent on mental wellbeing training.

Understanding Mental Health

JAAQ - JAAQ is a free social media platform for anyone to ask leading mental health professionals and people with experience, questions about different topics.
This is a revolutionary way for people to have access to experts; through the power of conversation.
Whether it’s for yourself, wanting to support someone you know, or you’re just curious to understand better, JAAQ is here. Just ask a question.

Crisis Intervention

Ripple – Suicide Prevention Charity – R;pple has been established is to reduce the number of people who are viewing harmful online content relating to self-harm and suicide and increase the number of people who are utilising the plethora of mental health resources available to them.

Along with Intercepting harmful content relating to self-harm and/or suicide through innovative technology, Ripple then redirects users to mental health support if they are struggling to cope or in need of immediate help.

Avoiding Burnout

Get Your Sh*t Together - The impacts of stress and anxiety are becoming more and more problematic in the workplace with: Increased risk of burnout, decreased performance, increase in days off, decreased productivity, decreased critical thinking.

Katie Maycock provides information on how to overcome or prevent stress and anxiety as well as discussing how to mitigate the effects through lifestyle choices (including diet and exercise), coaching, and corporate programmes.

Mindfulness – The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

In workplace terms, mindfulness is being aware of your workplace surroundings, stresses and your colleagues needs and mental state.

It can be making conscious choices in the workplace like allowing meditation time, finishing outstanding projects before starting new ones, or putting on an email blocker so colleagues won’t receive your out-of-hours emails until the next working day. 

Mindfulness Rebel– Amy Polly (AKA The Mindfulness Rebel) is a mindfulness teacher, speaker and author, mental health speaker, advocate and campaigner, with mindfulness sitting at the core of everything she does.

There are still so many misconceptions around mindfulness. It isn’t just meditation. It is a brain training. It’s a tool that can help in so many areas of life. Amy is here to bust the myths because not only can it help with managing our own mental health, but it can absolutely be a force for change when it comes to organisational culture and mental health too.

The Mindful Craft Company – The Mindful Craft Company was created to help teams connect and experience the benefits of craft.
The Mindful Craft Company brings teams together to craft and create messages of positivity, gratitude, values and connection. All our crafts get your team thinking about a different message and bringing it to life through craft, such as How connected is your team to the values of your business? How often do your team get together to be creative? What makes your business a special place to work?

Gunraj Arora - Gunraj is a coach, facilitator, mindfulness practitioner and lawyer who has extensive experience across a wide client base in both the UK and Africa including law firms, corporates and SME’s.

Gunraj is passionate about helping individuals and teams to develop and blends his significant professional services experience with a talent for understanding people.

Social Wellbeing – Nurturing social connections fosters feelings of safety, trust, and kinship

Social connections have been linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression, and greater empathy. Becoming engaged your community, valuing diversity and treat others with respect and maintaining and developing friendships and social networks can benefit your business.

ManGang UK– ManGang are the network of men who believe that it’s not weak to speak. They provide a platform for men across Hampshire who struggle with the pressures of modern-day life.

Their aim is to break the stigma surrounding mental health, allowing members access to conversations with men from all different walks of life that have suffered the same highs and lows.

Veterans in Action – UK veterans develop skills and work alongside other veterans to make, use, film and build projects to help with Post Traumatic Growth.

Thanks to the BUILD IT project part of Veterans Expeditions Overland Project, they  run overland expeditions across Europe with veterans who had been involved in building the vehicles, many of them suffering from PTSD.

Beyond – Beyond are committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people. Raising money to help other organisations and schools that are underfunded or underutilised and are committed to giving out grants which will truly make a difference to the mental health of young people.

Damaged Goods Co.- An organisation formed to raise awareness around mental health and the effects of childhood trauma.

Daniel Wilsher uses first-hand experience to not only inspire your workforce but give them the tools to support their mental health. Bringing an honest approach to what life can feel and look like in the corporate world when you’re battling with your mental health, while also helping your business create a safe environment for conversation.

Onigo– Onigo design and deliver playful experiences that bring colleagues together, build teams and boost happiness.

The Onigo team are working towards a world in which the workplace is a powerful source of meaningful connection for every person through virtual or in-person indoor and outdoor team bonding activities.

Community Wellbeing - Sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common

Participating in a community, such as by volunteering time, talent, and expertise is a ways of expressing gratitude, which has been shown to increase positive emotions and increase mental wellbeing.

The feeling can scale collectively, so community participation as a company can improve the overall wellbeing of your workplace culture and essential to include in your mental wellbeing strategy.  

Includability– Includability is built on community. We are a community for people looking to find more inclusive workplaces, build better cultures, and create communities of diverse and inclusive employees.
Includability is a community of companies committed to creating an inclusive and amazing workplace culture. It is an open network that brings together a global community of businesses, organisations, and individuals committed to creating an inclusive and amazing workplace culture.

Outliers Wellbeing - Outliers Wellbeing support businesses with their mental and physical wellbeing provisions. They firmly believe that you can’t have wellbeing without culture, and vice-versa, providing a truly holistic wellbeing experience for your business.

Working with leadership to develop a comprehensive strategy, developing leaders with how they support wellbeing and how a culture of wellbeing can be firmly embedded within their business. 

Matchable – Your business can contribute to the positive mentality by offering volunteering to fledgling SMEs. Matchable ‘match’ employees with volunteering opportunities based on the causes they really care about and the skills they can offer.

They give your employees true purpose at work, whilst taking away all the hassle from managing volunteering. Corporate volunteering, but reimagined.

DiSRUPT Agency – DiSRUPT recruitment solutions are designed to meet the bespoke needs of your business and provide support, expertise and flexibility at every stage of the talent acquisition process.
DiSRUPT strongly feel that supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your employees is extremely important. That is why DiSRUPT put every candidate they place through Mental Health First Aid training.

Financial Wellbeing - having a good relationship with your money

Financial well-being is state of contentment wherein a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations.

We understand that your business cannot afford to pay the Earth for every employee, but taking the time to help them understand budgeting, deductions and in-work benefits can help maximise their budgets.

3R Strategy – 3R Strategy are an independent, specialist pay & reward consultancy. They help clients develop a fair and transparent approach to pay.

They enable organisations to communicate clearly and honestly about pay to reward, recognise and retain their people.

Pay Captain - PayCaptain uses the latest tech and latest thinking to provide a complete Payroll and Financial Wellness Solution for innovative companies that understand the importance of good financial wellbeing in their workforce.


Become an Includability Committed Employer today to receive introductions and benefits to these amazing organisations can help your business on its mental wellbeing journey. Mental health is just one of our core pillars at Includability, navigate our EDI partners to help your inclusion strategy too.

Our team offer access to a wide range of community partners to allow businesses to become a fully inclusive, sustainable and mentally healthy workplace.

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