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Navigating the Pillars of Wellbeing

Whether you need workplace training, wellbeing support, social, financial or community support, Includability is here for you and your employees

Whether you need workplace training, wellbeing support, social, financial or community support, Includability is here for you and your employees

Published on
November 23, 2023
Dr Lizzy Bernthal
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Cara Wheatley-McGrain
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Outliers Wellbeing
Wellbeing, Mental Health & Wellbeing
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In the contemporary workspace, the emphasis on employee wellbeing has transitioned from a peripheral concern to a core strategic initiative. The pillars of wellbeing encompass a broad spectrum—Social, Physical, Developmental, Psychological, and Emotional. Investing time and resources in these pillars not only enhances the individual employee's work-life experience but also galvanises the collective ethos and productivity of the organisation.

How can Includability support my Wellbeing strategy?

At Includability, we understand the multifaceted nature of the wellbeing pillars and can help your business navigate them effectively, ensuring that you not only take care of your people today, but also fortify your mission for the future.

This guide covers some of the most common pain points businesses looking to improve their employee wellbeing strategy face and introduces you to consulting organisations that can provide comprehensive and lasting solutions.

What are the pillars of Wellbeing?

Taking care of your employee’s wellbeing goes beyond simple perks of the job like free healthy food in the office, or a weekly physical session, your company’s wellbeing strategy must consider all five of the wellbeing pillars before your workplace culture achieves a true nurturing sense, where employees can feel fulfilment in their roles. 

Social Wellbeing: Fostering Meaningful Connections

Social wellbeing in the workplace is anchored in cultivating meaningful relationships amongst colleagues. Creating a community where employees feel seen, heard, and valued forges a sense of belonging and morale. Encouraging collaboration, social interaction, and respect for diversity are paramount in building a socially conducive workplace environment.

Physical Wellbeing: The Foundation of Productivity

Physical wellbeing in the workplace can be promoted through ergonomic workstations, opportunities for physical activity, and a culture that prioritises health. Whether it's through providing gym facilities, organising health and wellness programmes, or encouraging regular breaks for movement, fostering physical wellbeing is a proactive step toward enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Psychological Wellbeing: Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

The modern workplace can often be a crucible of stress and anxiety. Psychological wellbeing focuses on creating a supportive environment that helps individuals manage stress, build resilience, and maintain mental clarity. By promoting a culture of mindfulness, offering stress-management resources, and ensuring a work-life balance, organisations lay the groundwork for robust psychological wellbeing which, in turn, positively impacts creativity and decision-making. Mental wellbeing is such a huge segment of the wellbeing pillar, we have a separate guide dedicated to our mental wellbeing partners ready to look after the mental health of your team.

Developmental Wellbeing: Lifelong Learning and Skill Enhancement

The opportunity to learn, grow, and advance professionally is a pillar of developmental wellbeing. Employees thrive in environments that challenge them, provide avenues for skill enhancement, and acknowledge their professional progression. Companies can facilitate developmental wellbeing by offering ongoing training, mentorship programmes, and clear pathways for career advancement.

Financial Wellbeing: Securing Peace of Mind

Financial wellbeing is a crucial aspect of an employee's overall wellness. When employees feel secure about their financial situation, they can focus more effectively on their work. Companies can support financial wellbeing by offering financial education programmes, retirement planning assistance, and access to resources that help employees manage their finances. Providing competitive salaries, fair compensation structures, and in-work benefits can also contribute to a sense of financial security among your workforce.

Which Includability Partners can help with my wellbeing strategy?

Each pillar of wellbeing is interlinked, and the harmonious integration of all these facets is essential for creating a flourishing workplace culture. The emphasis on holistic wellbeing is not a fleeting trend but a sustainable practice that enhances the vitality and inclusivity of the modern workspace. By navigating and investing in these pillars of wellbeing, organisations are not only prioritising the human element but are also strategically positioning themselves for success in the contemporary business landscape.

Becketts Investment - Becketts is recognised as one of the largest regional providers of financial advice to individuals and corporate clients. They currently manage assets in excess of £1.2bn on behalf of our clients.

The B Corp certified financial planner offers independent financial advice to make sure you remain on course to achieve your financial objectives. Demonstrate your organisation’s values by delivering the right employee benefits and investment managed portfolio to your organisation.

Gorniaks Coaching - Toby Gorniak MBE is a multi-award-winning transformational coach, inspirational speaker, Hip-hop artist, entrepreneur & Mentor. Using his personal life experiences, phenomenal skills, love, kindness to transform the lives & mindset of people from a range of backgrounds, especially those who feel there is no hope.

Toby G believes every single person in the universe is a Genius, many people he meets don’t believe this & has made it his job to unlock their potential, empowering them to discover their individual genius.

Includability - ‍By supporting a focus on culture, leadership values and behaviours, Includability can help disrupt corporate wellbeing by empowering your employees to live healthier and happier lives.
Our workplace standard places wellbeing at the forefront of the business agenda. Our verification partners are on hand to celebrate your wellbeing achievements and offer support where you can be doing more to help the physical, phycological, emotional and developmental wellbeing of your employees. 

Living Wage Foundation – The Living Wage Foundation is the movement of businesses, organisations and people ensuring that everyone can earn a wage that meets their everyday needs.

For organisations wanting to demonstrate their commitment as a responsible employer, Living Wage accreditation is the best place to start. By joining over 13,000 UK employers paying the real Living Wage, employers are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure their employees can earn a wage which is enough to live on. As well as it being the right thing to do, there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating employee wellbeing increases and the business benefits of becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Outliers Wellbeing - Outliers Wellbeing support businesses with their wellbeing provision. We firmly believe that you can’t have wellbeing without culture, and vice-versa, that’s why our provision is truly holistic.
Working with leadership to develop a comprehensive strategy, developing leaders with how they support wellbeing and how a culture of wellbeing can be firmly embedded within their business.

Pause for Thought Consultancy- Kirsty Dixon is on a mission to raise awareness, educate people and normalise talking about the unnecessarily taboo subject of menopause.

Kirsty offers a range of services which are all designed to educate, raise awareness and confidence around menopause. Her workshops, consulting and coaching can be delivered face to face around the York area, as well as via webinar. Pause For Thought also offers resilience, time management and having challenging conversations out with menopause talks.

Release Your Potential - After 25 years in the Army, Dr Lizzy Bernthal is on a mission to remove toxicity in the workplace. Delivering individual, group coaching and training programmes online globally and face to face so you:

Move from overwhelm to calm

Identify your values, vision and purpose, create a path to follow

Enhance your resilience, well-being, leadership communication and decision-making

Feel confident and empowered

Body armour no longer required!

Supporting organisations to find their voice and confidence again, own who they are so that they can soar! Also support values driven businesses to embed their purpose and vision to improve their team’s engagement which reduces sickness, absenteeism and develops a great sense of loyalty.

Smart About Health – Dr Laura David practices as an NHS GP and work with a team of Medical Consultants and specialist healthcare professionals (GPs, Gynaecologists, Psychiatrists, Geriatricians, Palliative Care Specialists, Paediatricians, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists etc) at Smart About Health to provide comprehensive programmes of seminars and webinars. Topics include:

• MENTAL HEALTH (Stress and Anxiety, Emotional regulation, Addiction, Bereavement, Creating Healthy Sleep, Serious Mental illness and Suicide, OCD, Eating disorders and Body Dysmorphia, Trauma and PTSD)
• MUSCULOSKELETAL HEALTH (Back and neck care, postural care, desk set up, repetitive strain injuries, exercising at work)
• LIFESTYLE HEALTH (Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Creating sustainable lifestyle changes for health, Nutrition for mind and body, Healthy relationships with food for health, Healthy living in a world with COVID19)
• PERSONAL HEALTH (Women’s Health (menstruation, miscarriage, fertility, menopause, cancers), Men’s Health, Child and Adolescent Health and Mental Health, Parent Health, Elderly Health (frailty, dementia, dying)

Smart About Health provide high level expertise and insight to employees and managers.

The Creative Wellbeing Company - At The Creative Wellbeing Company (formerly The Mindful Craft Company), we know the amazing benefits that creativity can have on our mental health.

The Mindful Craft Company was created to help teams connect and experience the benefits of craft. After the craft-along has finished, all the beautiful crafts can be brought together and made into a craft wall in your office. Your craft wall creates a visual display that your team has created together. Would a wall of gratitude inspire, motivate and make your team feel more connected and valued?

The Mindful Gut – At The Mindful Gut, talks and workshops vary in length from 30 mins to more interactive-reflective half days.

Get Gut Healthy in 5!

Fun, interactive Gut-Loving smoothie workshops

Gut health at work and play: Food shapes how you Feel!

Bespoke programmes for you and your team.

The Mindful Gut talks and workshops are fun, interactive and experiential. Offering practical takeaways for a calmer, happier gut and gut microbiome can flourish...and YES, this CAN translate into happier, healthier workers!

The Well HQ - At the Well, they help women – and those who support them – gain knowledge and know-how in women’s health so they can thrive in health, in sport, in life.
Their in-depth courses and webinars leave no stone unturned in ushering in a new generation in best practice. Working with organisations of all sizes to define, design and deliver support and education programmes that illuminate and address women’s unique personal, cultural and health life stages. Through talks and presentations, webinars and consultancy, we help women and business leaders alike to grasp the issues and gaps that block understanding and progress.

Unividual - Unividual is a Chartered Financial Planning business. Family-run, women and LGBTQIA led, they offer financial advice for everyone not just the rich and famous.

Unividual specialises in connecting business and personal finances and our collaborative approach is why we become part of a business owner’s growth team. Their financial planners work with businesses of all sizes offering corporate financial advice on structure, tax and retirement planning through to staff benefits packages and business exit strategy.

They have spent 20 years perfecting a financial planning model that serves every area of your personal finances for the rest of your life. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to retire, they give clients the knowledge and confidence that empowers them to take charge of their own finances.

Victoria Hardy (AKA Ginge Unhinged) - Wellbeing strategy and media was Victoria’s thing, disrupting the norm to crush the taboo on the uncomfortable conversations that make us human. Rebelling against the corporate world with empathy, focusing on what actually mattered, people!
Somehow, she was rocking decades of endometriosis, two teenagers, one handsome guy, numerous dead houseplants, life was messy, sticky taped with a fake smile. She started to write, journal and doodle, joining social media. MY MENOPAUSE, MY JOURNAL, MY RULES is available now to help your teams experiencing menopause symptoms.

Women’s Sports Group - Women’s Sports Group is a specialist sports partnership creating compelling opportunities to promote, enhance and empower women’s sport.

Women’s Sports Group is a specialist sports partnership creating compelling opportunities to promote, enhance and empower women’s sport. Focussed on three core streams

Strategic Communications Counsel

Media Rights Management

Partnership Development

Its purpose is to drive even greater value in women’s sport.


What are the benefits of signing up to Includability?

Incorporating a well-rounded approach to employee wellbeing is not merely about ticking boxes but engaging in a meaningful initiative that resonates with everyone involved. The journey toward comprehensive wellbeing is a shared endeavour, with long-term benefits that transcend the immediate gratification of ticking off a checklist. Companies striving for a holistic approach to employee wellbeing are not only investing in their teams but are also planting the seeds for a resilient, inclusive, and thriving organisational culture.

Join the Includability Community today to unlock a treasure trove of resources and expertise aimed at transforming your workplace into a haven of well-rounded wellbeing. Your first step towards a thriving work environment is just a click away. Explore our membership options and become an Includability Committed Employer. The pathway to comprehensive wellbeing awaits!

Become an Includability Committed Employer today to receive introductions and benefits to these amazing organisations can help your business on its Wellbeing journey. Navigate our Equity Diversity & Inclusion Pillars, our Sustainability & Impact Pillars, and the Pillars of Talent & Governance to help well-rounded purposeful strategy.

Our team offers access to a wide range of community partners to allow businesses to become a fully inclusive, sustainable and mentally healthy workplace.

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